CMG Elections 2018 – Candidate profile: Javiera Quintana

Javiera Quintana – Candidate for Vice-President of VICE Union

Like many of us that work in the creative industries, I’ve worked at organizations where I didn’t feel respected, where I was taken advantage of, and where there was no job security. There were times that I’ve felt particularly vulnerable due to various aspects of my identity and faced lack of concern from management. I’ve been working hard at Vice over the last year to change the culture at this company so no one feels neglected or overlooked in our workplace. I know that with the VICE Union and the CMG, we have the power to create a workplace where everyone feels safe, valued, and respected.

Why would I make a great Vice-President?

-I’m serious about holding management accountable to members for their promises and the decisions that affect us

-I’m committed to striving for a more diverse and inclusive workplace

-I’m passionate about working to improve the culture at Vice

-I’m excited to take on more responsibility and a greater role within the Union Executive

-I enjoy representing Vice at larger CMG gatherings and events

History at VICE

-I’ve worked at VICE since 2015. In that time, I’ve worked in television production, on Daily Vice and Vice du Jour, with editorial (as Verticals Production Manager), on branded content, and in development.

-I’ve been doing both union and advocacy work at, and on behalf of, Vice for the last year

-I’m an inaugural member of the Vice Union executive board since mid-2017 and have been heavily involved in the work that the Union has done since then

-I’m a founding member and the co-chair of the Vice Diversity & Inclusion Committee since early 2017

-In 2015, I was a key proponent and advocate for VICE Canada creating and adapting a parental leave policy for the first time in it’s 20 year history”

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