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Girl, You Need A Union
By CMG  •  Posted on October 30, 2014

Details of the latest round of cuts are being announced this morning at CBC/Radio-Canada with a total number of 392 positions scheduled to be eliminated  for 2014-2015, with redundancy notices expected to go out within the next few weeks, with … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on October 29, 2014

Many members have been asking questions about the union organization’s role in the case of the recent public dismissal of a CBC Radio host. Under the Canada Labour Code, the union has a legal obligation to represent all members, and … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on October 29, 2014

In recent days we have received a number of inquiries around the processes CMG uses for grievance handling and support for members who believe they have been harassed. Neither issue is foreign to us and CMG has long established practices … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on October 23, 2014

CBC President Hubert Lacroix has shared more details about the corporate-wide job cuts he first announced in June.  In a meeting with union leaders, Lacroix said the CBC will lose another 400 jobs by the end of March 2015 bringing the total number … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on October 21, 2014

Remember to vote next week, October 28-29, to elect a Director of Education/Mobilization for the CBC Branch Executive Council. Each of the candidates has built a Web presence to introduce themselves and tell you why you should choose them: … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on October 9, 2014

The union stressed the immense damage caused by the recently announced cuts, the risks to local programming, the short-sighted diminishing of documentary production and the inability of CBC to meet its public service mandate as it suffers repeated, significant financial cuts. CMG also emphasized the increase in support for public broadcasting as evidenced by several recent polls. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on October 9, 2014

While factual TV employers are coming together to explore production partnerships at the Real Screen conference in London, UK, so too are the sector’s trade unions – including the CMG. Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on October 6, 2014

By guest blogger Benjamin Shingler BBC News managed to avoid a labour strike last month after agreeing to hold off on plans to lay off more than 400 employees, but there are still more programming cuts and job losses looming … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on October 3, 2014

When I first met CWA President Larry Cohen, I was struck by how charismatic he was. Great leaders often are – intelligent, articulate, driven. A man at the top of his game yet still compassionate and like Saskatchewan’s great statesman, Tommy Douglas, never lost sight … Read more »

By CMG  •  Posted on October 3, 2014

Our collective agreement with Pagemasters North America is up for renewal; talks are scheduled to begin in the next couple of months. To help prepare the Guild’s contract proposals, we’ve developed a brief survey. Please take a few minutes to … Read more »

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