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2016 Proposed Bylaw Amendments
•  Posted on  September 19, 2016  

2016 Proposed Bylaw Amendments                                                     Version Francaise

To be Presented for Voting on at October 20, 2016 AGM

The following are proposed CMG CBC Toronto Bylaw Amendments, to be presented for a membership vote on October 20, 2016.  The current article # of the CMG CBC Toronto Bylaws is referenced and proposed changes are delineated by bold or underline…

3.3    Persons that have retired from employment may retain membership if they have met the requirements of the CMG national by-laws. Note: If a person employed by the CBC retires and is a properly accredited member of the union at retirement date, then such membership will continue.  Retired members shall have the right to attend & speak at CMG sessions, will not have the right to vote, make or second  motions, hold office, or be delegates to convention.

6.5  Directors

shall attend Executive meetings of the Location Unit Executive, and

shall perform all duties as directed by the Location Unit Executive, as well as those defined by the title, and

shall distribute to the Location Unit Executive minutes of any committees that the Director is responsible for, and shall report in writing on the activities of such committees at regular Executive meetings.

(* lose*  The LEC can deem a position vacant if an elected officer fails to attend 3 consecutive meetings without reasonable explanation. In such case the officer would be given notice and a chance to address the LEC before any such vote.)


7.1   With the approval of the LEC any group of members with common interests or common location may select (*lose*elect) a Steward from among themselves.

7.4  The primary duties of the Chief Steward are those of a Steward. The Chief Steward will also assist and mentor Stewards, and ensure communication from the union reaches stewards, and that concerns brought forward by stewards are addressed.

8.7  The LEC will determine set quarterly expense allowances to be paid to Executive Officers, Chief Stewards, and Directors. This will not preclude compensation for unexpected expenses.  Any member of the LEC who is absent from meetings and duties for more than three months in a row for any reason must forfeit this allowance until they return and can perform normal duties.

11.2    In the event of any conflict issues will be dealt with as prescribed in Robert’s Rules of Order (*lose* “Bourinot’s Rules of Order”).


Article # 13

Vacancy/Removal from the Branch Executive Council


The following circumstances shall lead to a position being declared vacant by the CBC Toronto Location Executive Council, with a two third majority vote of the CBC Toronto Location Executive Council.

  1. a) Resignation,
  2. b) The member is deemed to be unable to perform his/her duties or is unable to satisfy

the requirements of his/her office due to transfer or changes in employment status,

  1. c) Dereliction of duties.


The following circumstances and/or actions shall constitute dereliction of duties and

may be grounds for removal from the CBC Toronto Location Executive Council:

  1. a) Absence without valid reasons for three consecutive meetings of the CBC Toronto Location Executive Council;
  2. b) Violation of the criminal code which would bring the CBC Toronto Location or the

CBC Toronto Location Executive into disrepute and/or undermine its credibility or the

integrity of the person holding office;

  1. c) An inability to perform the assigned duties and responsibilities of the position in

a manner acceptable to the CBC Toronto Location Executive Council.

  1. d) Violation of the Oath of Office.


The following procedures will be used to follow up on reasonable grounds of dereliction

of duties:

  1. a) Where allegations of dereliction have arisen, the President of the CBC Toronto Location shall, by a motion of the LEC, convene a Review Committee of five persons to examine the circumstances.
  2. b) Within thirty days of convening, the Review Committee will present its

findings and recommendations to the CBC Toronto Location Executive Council.

  1. c) If the Review Committee determines a blatant dereliction of duties has occurred,

it shall recommend, as a first step, that the member be asked to resign. As a

second step, the member could be removed from Office by a two third majority

vote of the CBC Toronto Location Executive Council.


A member removed from office following the application of article 13.3 can appeal

this removal to the Branch Executive Committee of the Canadian Media Guild.