About Us

The CMG Toronto is the Toronto local of the Canadian Media Guild, a democratic trade union, duly recognized and certified under federal and provincial labour legislation. With about 2100 members we are the front-line advocates for most CBC Toronto Staff.

Our members hold a wide variety of jobs – They are the announcers who read the news, administrative support staff, information technology professionals, camera operators, photographers, customer service representatives and more. Much of what you see and hear day-to-day on television, radio or new media sites comes to you thanks to the hard work of CMG Toronto members.

The CMG National Guild, our parent union, is one local of CWA/SCA Canada, which is in turn affiliated with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) Together they boast a membership of over six hundred thousand workers across North America.

As a union local, it is our goal to promote the best working environments possible in order for our members to have satisfying, rewarding and sustainable careers.