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Candidates for Chief Steward: Joe Fiorino and Kyle Kutasewich
•  Posted on  June 18, 2015  

On June 25, CMG Toronto will hold a 24-hour e-vote  starting at midnight for the position of Chief Steward. The two candidates are Joe Fiorino and Kyle Kutasewich. Their biographical information is below:

Joe Fiorino 


[yoon-yuh n]
: the state of being united
: a number of persons, states, etc., joined or associated together for some common purpose
: an organization of workers formed to protect the rights and interests of its members

I believe that we are all in this union. It’s not “they”, it is “us”.
I believe that even though we have different ideas and approaches, that we all share the same basic values. For this reason it’s imperative that we must work together….for the good of all of us.
I believe that a union doesn’t need elected leaders – Rather, it needs elected representatives.
I believe that we should make compromises with our fellow members, not our employer.
I believe that simply because we can do a thing – does not mean that we should do a thing.
I believe that if elected for the position of Chief Steward I will be granted the privilege of representing the values of my fellow members in an official capacity.
My name is Joe. I’m a Videographer at the CBC, and it would be my privilege to represent you…all of you.


Kyle Kutasewich

CandidateMy name is Kyle Kutasewich. I am running for the position of Chief Steward of the Toronto chapter of CBC Canadian Media Guild, Local Executive Committee.

I am in my 25th year of working for CBC Toronto. I have worked for Radio Maintenance, TV Maintenance and TV Operations as an Audio Operator on almost every floor of the Broadcast Centre, as well as out in the field. This broad work experience has uniquely enabled me to interact with numerous professionals that are protected by the CMG contract, listen to their issues and concerns, and gain a sense of the ways that the Local Executive Committee can improve the working lives of its members.

During my time at CBC Toronto, I have organized a Maintenance Advisory Committee and a Job Evaluation Committee to improve the working conditions in the various Technological Maintenance shops in Toronto. I have led the way in challenging the results of the Group C Exam procedures, and involved myself in the Broadcast Technologist Career Structure negotiations. I have also participated as a delegate to the CMG national conventions since 2004 and works at creating pirate Radio broadcasting using CBC talent during a strike/lockout, all on my own time as a volunteer.

These are difficult times at CBC Toronto, with shrinking revenues, budgets and career opportunities for CMG members. As Chief Steward, I wish to be involved in mitigating some of these difficulties, resolving daily problems faced by members, and improving the working conditions of all those protected by our Collective Agreement.

I would appreciate your vote for me as one of the Chief Stewards on the Local Executive Committee of CMG/CBC. Thank you.