November 13, 2023

CMG CBC Toronto Local Executive Council Meeting Minutes October 5, 2023 – 10am – 6pm ET  CMG office 311 Adelaide Street East    Attending: Kat, Annie, Dave, Lorne, Sara, Andrew, Jag, Lara, Adoption of agenda:  Lorne moves,  Jag seconds –… Read more »

October 7, 2023

CMG CBC Toronto Local Executive Council Meeting Minutes September 7, 2023 – 10am -6pm ET  CMG office 311 Adelaide Street East    Attending: Kat, Jag, Arman, Jann, Annie, Dave, Lorne, Wendy Attending remotely: Olena, Sarah, Andrew for swearing in. Adoption… Read more »

July 13, 2023

CMG CBC Toronto  Local Executive Council Meeting Minutes April 13, 2023 – 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. Attending:  Olena, Sarah, Ines, Annie, Lorne, David, Arman, Jann Not in attendance: Wendy, Kat, Jagjit Adoption of agenda: Lorne moves to adopt the… Read more »

April 18, 2023

Attending:  Kat, Olena, Sarah, Ines, Wendy, Lorne, David, Arman, Jann, Jagjit Absent: Annie Adoption of agenda:  MOTION:  Jagjit moves to adopt the agenda. Lorne seconds.  Motion passes unanimously. Adoption of past minutes – February 16, 2023 –  MOTION: Jagjit moves to… Read more »

April 18, 2023

Attending: Kat, Olena, Sarah, Ines, Wendy, Lorne, Annie, David, Arman, Jann Absent: Jagjit Adoption of agenda –  Motion passed by Lorne, seconded by Arman, passes unanimously with Jann abstaining  Adoption of past minutes from January 12, 2023 –  Motion passed by… Read more »

February 19, 2023

Attending Kat, Olena, Sarah, Ines, Lorne, Annie, David, Arman, Jagjit, Wendy Regrets Jann  Adoption of Agenda – Olena moves, Jag seconds, passes unanimously  Adoption of minutes of October 6, 2022 meeting –  David moves, Sarah seconds, passes unanimously with those… Read more »

January 29, 2023

Attending – Vish, Olena, Krista, Kat, Jann, Sarah, David Occasional – Jann Absent – Natasha, Ines, Naomi Adoption of agenda – Olena moves, Krista seconds, approved unanimously.  Adoption of past minutes – June 23, 2022 – Kat moves, Wendy seconds,… Read more »

November 14, 2022

June 23, 2022 – 10:00AM – 6:00PM Attending – Vish, Naomi, Olena, Matt, Ines, Wendy, Krista, Kat, Jann, Lyne.  Part-day – David. Adoption of agenda: add the CRTC notice about News under New Business – Kat moved, Ines seconded, passed… Read more »

October 2, 2022

LEC Meeting Minutes – May 5, 2022 Attending: Olena, Vish, Matt, Naomi, Kat, Jann, Lyne, David, Wendy. Adoption of agenda – move treasurer report to beginning for Matt – Krista motions, Matt seconds, passed unanimously. Adoption of March minutes –… Read more »

May 15, 2022

LEC Meeting Minutes – March 31, 2022 Attending – Vish, Naomi, Olena, Lyne-Françoise, Matt, Jann, Krista, Wendy, Katt.  Partial – David. Adoption of agenda – Talk about Member Engagement first before budget (Naomi) – Krista moves, Kat seconds, passed unanimously.… Read more »