Special Committees
Health & Safety Committee
•  Posted on  April 15, 2019  

This joint committee deals with workplace protection issues.  A good knowledge of our various working environments & cooperative problem-solving skills are helpful.  Time commitments involve conducting workplace inspections, and monthly Thursday meetings. Must be a CBC employee working five days per week.

Chair: Brent Cousland

CMG Members:David Orian, Dave Bongard, Joanna Russell, Brent Cousland

Staff Rep support: Olivier Roy

We discuss matters of concerns from employee accidents, fire alarms, construction projects, air quality and more. Once a month a team of two inspect a section of the building for possible hazards and health issues. It also gives us a chance to hear your concerns directly.

If you have any concerns or questions do not hesitate to contact this committee or any other committee member. Regardless of our positions within the corporation, all of us are concerned for the health and safety of each and every one working here.