CBC Toronto Local Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – February 16, 2023
•  Posted on  April 18, 2023  

Attending: Kat, Olena, Sarah, Ines, Wendy, Lorne, Annie, David, Arman, Jann

Absent: Jagjit

Adoption of agenda –  Motion passed by Lorne, seconded by Arman, passes unanimously with Jann abstaining 

Adoption of past minutes from January 12, 2023 –  Motion passed by Arman, Sarah seconds,  passes unanimously

10:30am Nasr Ahmed, CWA Canada 

  • Nasr Ahmed introduced the CWA Canada member organizer program to the LEC. It’s a monthly online skill share to get members to update their organizing skills and to grow the CMG and CWA Canada.  
  • CMG members can sign up at the CWA Canada website.

President’s Report on Port Credit meetings

Kat updated the LEC on the Port Credit week-long meetings with management.  

Ongoing Business

  • Walk the Floor – Hoping to schedule this for May 1st and 2nd 
  • Member Survey – the LEC is working on a member survey to go out some time in March 
  • Stewards Training will most likely be booked for April 19th

Staff Rep Glenn Gray presentation on his role 

New Business

  • Bargaining – the bargaining selections committee has been struck. The week of March 2nd interest call out will be sent by the CMG. The committee will be decided April 6th and acceptances emailed on the 17th. 
  • Artificial Intelligence Town Hall – Sarah reported on the hour-long presentation by John Schlutz of The News Guild.  The LEC will monitor how AI gets used for content development and how it gets acknowledged in contracts..   
  • Workday implementation – Workday will be implemented office-wide.  Members should download all their data from pre-Workday io so that they have a copy in case it changes when it is transferred to the new system. 
  • CWA Convention Delegates

MOTION: Arman motions to go in Camera. Lorne seconds. Passes unanimously. 

MOTION Olena motions to leave in Camera. Sarah seconds. Passes unanimously.  

  • Temp Training –  March 1st with Falice Chin. 

MOTION:  Kat motions to buy pizza for no more than $200 for the March 1st event. Arman seconds. Passes unanimously.  

LEC reports 

  • Table Officers Reports 
  • Directors Reports 
  • Chief Steward Reports 

2023 Upcoming LEC meeting dates 

  • March 9, 2023
  • April 13, 2023
  • May 11, 2023
  • June 15, 2023

MOTION:  Olena moves to end the meeting.  David seconds.  Passes unanimously

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