CBC Toronto Local Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – January 12, 2023
•  Posted on  February 19, 2023  


Kat, Olena, Sarah, Ines, Lorne, Annie, David, Arman, Jagjit, Wendy



Adoption of Agenda – Olena moves, Jag seconds, passes unanimously 

Adoption of minutes of October 6, 2022 meeting –  David moves, Sarah seconds, passes unanimously with those who had attended 

Welcome from President Kat McMorrow 

Introduction of all members 

Oath – all members voiced and signed the CMG oath 

New Business

The upcoming LEC meeting dates will be:

February 16th   

March 9th 

April 13th

May 11th

June 15th 


Care committee     Annie, Kat

Swag committee    Wendy, Lorne, Jagjit

Events committee   Sarah, Kat, Olena, Dave, Lorne

Communication committee  Ines, Arman

Presentation by Tali Zrehen, Executive Director CMG 

Member engagement survey 

First survey conducted 2021.  Olena will update the survey and share it with the team to send out soon 

Walk the Floor  – previously known as Map the Floor 

Dates to be confirmed

Stewards Training  – Wendy, Jagjit, Lorne will talk with Krista to come up with a date 

MOTION:  Wendy  

Motion that we add a line in the budget for stewards training including for releases and food if necessary 

Seconded by Jagjit.   Passes unanimously in favour 


Lorne suggested we consider raising the honoraria for stewards, directors, and table officers.  This can only be done at the CMG Convention.  

MOTION:   Olena

Motion that we add a line to the budget for communications committee 

Seconded by – Arman.   Passes unanimously in favour 

MOTION:  Jagjit

Motion that we add a line to the budget for bargaining committee for $1200

Seconded by Lorne.   Passes unanimously in favour 

MOTION:  Jagjit

Motion that we approve the budget as proposed

Seconded by Arman.   Passes unanimously in favour 


Motion to end the meeting by Olena

Lorne seconding.  Passes unanimously in favour


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