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CBC Toronto Local Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – January 12, 2024
•  Posted on  February 29, 2024  

LEC – January 12, 2024 

10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

CMG office

311 Adelaide Street East 

Attending:  Kat, Andrew, Annie, David, Jagjit, Lorne, Wendy, Lara, 

Cannot attend:  Arman, Jann.

Adoption of agenda: Jag moves, Lorne seconds. Passes unanimously.

Adoption of past minutes – Dec 14, 2023  

– Wendy moves, Dave seconds. Passes unanimously.

Ongoing Business

Bargaining update 

  • Town Hall on Jan 10/24 – as many as 50 people attended.
  • Bargaining Highlights  – technological change, AI, Workday.  EDI file. 
  • Hope is for more draft language, but nothing is accepted, until it is accepted.
  • Next town hall is February 1st. 
  • Please encourage members to submit questions to the Bargaining team email.

Layoffs/cuts update:

Kat says some new LJEC members will be appointed. 

Including a Bilingual SRC member.

Stewards Training Prep update:

There was a Steward’s Training planning session on Monday Jan 8th.  (Kat, Wendy & Lorne)

-Kat says the group went through the workshop slides – the group looked at half of them. 

– Then Kat went through the other half. Hope is to clean up the stewards and activist list. 

– Also an idea to tinker with is setting up Steward’s office hours in an effort to create a possible networking plan. 

Communications update (website/social media)

Kat says Facebook page is an opportunity for more postings. 

More administrators can be added. (Andrew interested)

Kat talks about the need for an LEC Google calendar – where key events dates can be added, and we can all update this.  

One of us could create it, and everyone could get Edit Access to it. 

Possibly 1 LEC member (Andrew) could be the principal organizer. 

New Business

2024 Budget:

LEC goes through the budget, line by line. 

Discussion around 2024 SRC budget being increased to $1000.00 a year.

MOTION: Lara moves.

Dave seconds. Passes unanimously. 

Discussion around printing budget being increased to $3000.00

MOTION: Wendy moves.

Jag seconds. Passes unanimously.

Discussion about switching our Zoom account to a cheaper account. 

Currently there are 3 accounts – Kat, Sarah, Andrew.

Staying at current accounts for now. 

Discussion about increasing the TEMP amount to $1000.00

MOTION: Jag moves.

Lorne seconds. Passes unanimously. 

Discussion about increasing ‘Walk the Floor’ budget amount.

MOTION: Lorne moves.

Jag seconds. Passes unanimously.     

Discussion about increasing the Communications Committee budget.

Agreement to keep the budget at $2000.00.


Discussion about decreasing the Holiday Party budget to 30 thousand.

MOTION: Lorne moves.

Lara seconds. 

Passes unanimously.

Discussion about decreasing the Holiday breakfast budget from $2000.00 to $1500.00.

MOTION: Andrew moves. 

Jag seconds. Passes unanimously.

Discussion about whether we need to upgrade the security system of the CMG Toronto laptops.

Suggestion to lower that budget on that line from $2000.00 to $1000.00.

MOTION: Lorne moves. 

Jag second. Passes unanimously. 

Suggestion to drop Office expenses from $1000.00 to $500.00.

MOTION: Lorne moves. 

Jag seconds. Passes unanimously. 

Suggestion to increase Bank Service Charges to $150.00 from $100.00.

MOTION: Dave moves. 

Jag seconds. Passes unanimously 

CWA/NETT Academy FREE online courses reminder

Kat talks about the free online courses that are available to members, that we shouldpublicize to the membership. 

Motion to end meeting: 

Wendy moves, Jag seconds. Passes unanimously.

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