CBC Toronto Local Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – March 9, 2023
•  Posted on  April 18, 2023  

Attending:  Kat, Olena, Sarah, Ines, Wendy, Lorne, David, Arman, Jann, Jagjit

Absent: Annie

Adoption of agenda:  MOTION:  Jagjit moves to adopt the agenda. Lorne seconds.  Motion passes unanimously.

Adoption of past minutes – February 16, 2023 – 

MOTION: Jagjit moves to table the minutes.  Olena seconds. Motion passes unanimously. 

Ongoing business: 

Stewards training update

CMG’s Matt Douglas will facilitate stewards training on April 19th. 

Staff Representative update 

The CMG will soon announce the hiring of two new staff reps. 

Bargaining issues and call-out

The LEC encourages all members to apply for the bargaining committee.  The LEC will put up posters and reach out to colleagues to apply, keeping in mind the intense time commitment. 

Workday implementation – potential issues and member support 

If there are specific serious issues with Workday please forward directly to Wendy Martin, the staff representative who is focussing on this.

Dave Seglins presentation 

Dave Seglins gave a thoughtful and concise overview of his work as the CBC’s well-being champion.  

The Peer Support Network (PSN) launched March 9th.  Kat is one of 20 volunteers helping to support colleagues in this pilot. 

LEC members discussed ways in which Dave’s work could be expanded to include other departments. 

Member survey 

The team was updated on the CMG CBC Toronto member survey.  It should be sent out to the members the week of March 20th. 

Local committee members

MOTION:   Olena motions to include one member who had technical difficulties in submitting their name.  Jagjit seconds.  Passes unanimously. 

MOTION:   Arman motions to move the meeting in camera for discussion and voting.  Jann seconds.  Passes unanimously. 

MOTION:  Arman motions to come out of camera. Jagjit seconds. Passes unanimously. 

MOTION:  Arman motions to amend Andrea Bellemare’s application to add her as an alternate to the local temporary committee.  Jagjit seconds.  Passes unanimously.

MOTION:  Jann motions to go back into camera.  Jagjit seconds.   Passes unanimously. 

MOTION:  Jagjit motions to move out of camera.  Lorne seconds.  Passes unanimously. 

MOTION:   Arman motions to place the following members in the local committees into their roles until the end of 2024.  Olena seconds.  Passes unanimously 

Local Committees 2023 / 2024

Local Joint 

  • Kat McMorrow, Annie Poulin– ex officio
  • Pooja Joshi 
  • Jerome Atangana 


  • Wendy Walker 
  • Carrie Bradshaw 
  • Brent Cousland

Local Health and Safety 

  • David Orian – ex officio
  • Krista Joliffe
  • Jagjit Panesar
  • Joanna Russell 


  • John LaSavage
  • Kaven McMaster
  • David Bongard
  • Andrew Parker 

Local Temporary 

  • Arman Aghbali – ex officio
  • Elvira Tio 
  • Abby Plener
  • Pauline Holdsworth


  • Andrea Bellemare

Local Joint Employment Committee 

  • Olena Sullivan
  • Ines Colabrese
  • Carrie Bradshaw
  • Christyn Edwards 


  • Pooja Joshi 
  • Elvira Tio 

Local Grievance 

  • Kat McMorrow – ex officio 
  • Wendy Walker 
  • Brent Cousland 
  • Harmen Meinders  


  • Elvira Tio             
  • Andrew Parker   
  • Carrie Bradshaw 
  • Muriel Draaisma 

Local Election Committee 

  • Lynne Chichakian 

Local PDD Committee 

  • Olena Sullivan 
  • Pooja Joshi 
  • Christyn Edwards 

Local Communications Committee 

  • Olena Sullivan 
  • Arman Aghbali 
  • Andrea Bellemare 
  • Christyn Edwards 

Walk the Floor 

The LEC discussed making Walk the Floor a week-long event starting May 1st.  A subcommittee was struck to organize those days.  Lorne, Jagjit, and Wendy offered to be on the subcommittee. 


The LEC agreed to give money to The Canadian Cancer Society, Movember, Heart and Stroke, Canadian Mental Health Association, CAMH, SickKids, the 519, Daily Bread Food Bank, Indspire, and Lemon and Allspice Community Kitchen.  

CMG Convention delegates  

The LEC encourages members to put their names forward as delegates to the CMG convention from June 8-10.

LEC reports 

  • Table Officers Reports 
  • Directors Reports 
  • Chief Steward Reports 

2023 Upcoming LEC meeting dates 

  • April 13, 2023
  • May 11, 2023
  • June 15, 2023

MOTION:  Jagjit motions to end the meeting. Lorne seconds. Passes unanimously. 

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