CBC Toronto Local Executive Committee Meeting Minutes – October 5, 2023
•  Posted on  November 13, 2023  

CMG CBC Toronto

Local Executive Council Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2023 – 10am – 6pm ET 

CMG office

311 Adelaide Street East 


Attending: Kat, Annie, Dave, Lorne, Sara, Andrew, Jag, Lara,

Adoption of agenda:  Lorne moves,  Jag seconds – passes unanimously

Adoption of past minutes: –  Sara moves to adopt minutes from. Jag Seconds. Passes unanimously.

OATH of OFFICE – 11:15am – Lara Hindle swears in as VP of LEC

Ongoing Business

Bargaining update:

Kat – Bargaining proper starts the week of October 16 and will continue for 7 intermittent weeks until March. 

Full Day Caucus – Jag and Kat October 15. 

  • The first week of bargaining will be high level speeches, and refreshers on Port Credit method of interest based bargaining. Led by CBC Manager Catherine Gregory and  CMG Staff Rep Olivier Descharnais Roy. 

Sept 13 Stewards Training update, set up follow-up meeting

  • It was a very successful Steward’s Training. 
  • The training was led by Jag, and supported by Lorne and Wendy.
  • Jag says a number of members emailed him afterwards to say that they were thankful and appreciated the seminar. Overall, great feedback to the session. 

Introducing our new Vice President – Lara Hindle. 

  • Trip around the table – LEC members introducing themselves to Lara, and sharing their work and union biographies with Lara, and she shares his previous involvement with CMG, both with TVO and CBC.
  • Lara does the OATH of OFFICE.

Communications committee update (website/instagram)

  • The committee met recently. 
  • Andrew and two other members of the committee will be setting up a call with the company that did the main CMG site, to inquire about the fees for updating the CMC Toronto site.
  • Another member of the committee – ALTHEA – is going to play around with the site, to see if interactivity can be improved.
  • A couple members were going to do a Follow-spree, on Insta, and other social media platforms.

Holiday party committee prep update

  • CMG Toronto Holiday Party will be on November 30th.
  • There will be a live karaoke band, and lots of great food. 

Feedback from September CMG Toronto Social: 

  • Kat says she’s received dozens of emails and people approaching her about how great the social was, and that they liked the box lunches.
  • There was a little negative feedback that the Vegan option was a little dry. 
  • 441 tickets were collected, and 41 lunch boxes were left on the 4th and 6th. 
  • Kat says that the September 14th Temp Social Event was very successful.
  • Candid conversations about what’s happening on the floor. 
  • Some new members were there, and a couple signed cards. 
  • Arman has plans to do this every second month. 

New Business

Nov 6 DEI Training (mandatory)

  • LEC members are obligated to attend this training. 
  • It’s a 90 minute course – Nov 6 at 2-3:30pm

Discussion on bylaw amendments for AGM

  • Kat suggests that we brainstorm about any possible bylaw amendments that might need to be changed. 
  • Annie asks for an explanation on what the local AGM is, and how it works. 
  • Any proposed bylaw amendments need to be shared to members by October 11th.
  • Kat says bylaw amendments by a ? vote of the members attending the AGM.

SRC pizza lunch and Holiday party 

  1. Annie inquires about a possible 200-350 dollars for an SRC pizza lunch.
  • Lorne asks how many people does this take in?  Annie says there are about 60 people who would be there. 
  • Annie says it’s previously been a success, meeting members, hearing about issues, and mobilizing the SRC members.
  • Motion to allot $350.00 to the SRC pizza lunch.
  • MOTION: Jag moves, Lorne seconds, passes unanimously. 

Bulletin board committee?

  • Kat asks whether it might be good for everyone in the LEC to take on a bigger role in monitoring and maintaining the boards.
  • Some of the boards are the smaller variety, and others are larger. 
  • Kat suggests a brainstorming of what needs to be in those boards.
  • Kat will share the bulletin board locations with the LEC.

LEC shirts:

  • Kat suggests that having LEC shirts would be a bonding, and effective way to distinguish us .. and how we are responsible to the members. 
  • There was a fun discussion of what kind of shirts to choose. 

LEC reports 


Table officers, directors, chief stewards

MOTION: To end meeting:  Lorne moves. Dave seconds. Passes unanimously. 


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