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CBC TO LEC Minutes – February 19, 2020 – 10AM – 5PM

Location: CMG Office – 311 Adelaide St E


Present – Naomi Robinson, Wendy Walker, Matt Guerin, Ines Colabrese, Lynn Chichakian, Brent Cousland, Krista Jolliffe, Vish Gajadhar, Lorne Szatmary

Absent – Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis, Joe Fiorino, Julian Uzielli


Motion to adopt agenda – Moved by Lorne, seconded by Lynne, passed unanimously.

January Minutes – Adopted as amended. Moved by Ines seconded by Krista, passed unanimously.


MOA on Pension & Benefits – .1% still being deducted. 

  • Concerns on the floor that needed to be addressed: potential dispersion and fund tracking.  

Update on Floater Position in News 

  • The position at Newsnet was posted and filled. Temp committee to explore at more floater positions 

Job Losses?

  • To date there have been no notices given to LJEC about any job losses. 
  • Temp hours and workload issues will need to be tracked. 

2020 Budget

  • Discussion of proposed budget for 2020
  • Motion to adopt revised 2020 budget. Moved by Krista, seconded by Lorne, passed unanimously.

CMG Convention 2020

  • Friday May 29, 2019 – Sunday May 31, 2019 (incl) at the Intercontinental Hotel, Toronto.
  • LEC to do a local callout for 30 delegates to apply, looking at the end of March. Releases can be provided for members working that weekend. Hotel rooms can be provided for Toronto delegates, if desired.
  • Motion to ask the BEC to ask the NEC to fund 16 release days for Temp Committee prep work. Moved by Matt, seconded by Ines, passed unanimously.


LEC Secretary byelection 

  • There were no applications by the original deadline. 
  • The callout was extended one day to February 19th and one person applied. 

Final Bulletin Board locations 

  • A location may have been found for the bulletin board on the 7th floor.
  • BGIS is still working on the cost of installation.
  • 25 boards will be ordered at approximately $300.00/board.

Spring Stewards Training Session 

  • Temps Know-Your-Rights modified stewards training date set for Saturday April 4, 2019.
  • Regular Stewards training session tentatively set for Monday June 22nd, 2019. Email callout to happen around mid-May.

Reports & Questions

  1. Wendy (Vice President)
    1. Members have to ask their managers first for special leave – they can find the form on IO. 
    2. If leave is denied, the appeal process is only three days. Reach out to Enrico if there are difficulties.
  2. Brent (Health and Safety)  
    1. An hours-averaging waiver is in place for the Olympics and must be posted.
    2. There are air quality issues in Tech Stores due to moving and construction. 
    3. Lead and rust testing happening with the water supply within the Toronto location.
    4. Protocols about reporting on Covid-19 are posted in B2 near the camera area.
    5. One day release proposed for creating a risk assessment protocol handout for members.
    6. More kitchenettes and bathrooms are being renovated.
  3. Lynne (Diversity)  
    1. Some members who have signed up are not getting CMG emails. They should check their spam folders and add webmaster@cmg.ca to their contacts. 350 members in Toronto still need to be contacted to sign cards.
  4. Lorne (Chief Steward)  
    1. Brought up issue with long work stretches and higher than average sick calls in Digital. 
  5. Krista (Chief Steward)  
    1. There has been great feedback about stewards training. 
  6. Naomi (President)  
    1. Questions about the Conflict of Interest information on IO 
    2. The French version of the collective agreement will hopefully be online by Friday February 21, 2020. 
    3. CMG Staffing assignments have changed. Contact Sara in the CMG office to direct you to the correct staff rep for your issue.
    4. Bruce May is not a staff rep and is now considered a consultant.
  7. Ines (Education)  
    1. Temps have been advised to contact Julian if they have any issues.

2020 LEC dates 

  • March 26, Evening meeting.
  • April 21, 
  • May 1, Mayday, Cookie Day
  • June 11, potential Pride mixer?

Motion to adjourn – Moved by Krista seconded by Lorne, passed unanimously.

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