CBC TORONTO LOCATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes: Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020
•  Posted on  January 29, 2021  

Official Minutes 

Meeting Minutes:  Thursday, Dec. 3, 2020 — 1:00 PM-4:00 PM

Location: via Google Hangout


Present: Lynne Chichakian, Naomi Robinson, Lorne Szatmary, Ines Calabrese, Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis, Joe Fiorino, Olena Sullivan, Vish Gajadhar, Krista Jolliffe, Matt Guerin. 

Regrets: Julian Uzielli, Brent Cousland

Late: Wendy Walker.


Meeting begins at 1:04 PM with quorum


Congratulations to all the newly elected LEC members, and a thank you to outgoing members.. 

A motion to adopt agenda with amendments — moved by Vish, seconded by Joe, passed unanimously.

A motion to adopt November 17, 2020 minutes — moved by Lorne, second by Krista, passed unanimously. Matt abstains.


RCI Cuts and Support

  • The SRC just put out an article about the RCI cuts to SCRC staff (no CMG affected)
  • We will share any CBC coverage on our Facebook page.

Workload Issues

  • There have been 30 redundancies handed out in Toronto and there are 130 jobs that have been cut overall, including retirements and resignations, that have not been filled. 
  • This can lead to workload issues, so we will need to check in with members in various areas if there is any speed up.

Policy Grievance

  • A policy grievance will be submitted to the NGC regarding providing tools.
  • The Federal government has decided to give a $400 tax credit to people working at home during Covid. We do not have information on how that’s going to work.
  • At the last town hall, the CBC said they could provide T2200 forms for income tax, but those will not cover capital costs such as chairs and desks. They will give further guidance and clarification closer to tax time. 


LEC Handovers

Collective Agreement Distribution

  • We have been getting requests for paper copies and they are set to be delivered the week of Christmas.
  • If you would like to get a printed copy, you still can by filling out the online form. You can also download a PDF version at the same link.
  • There will be copies of the Collective Agreement distributed by the CMG office and we will keep some onsite if members request them.


  1. President Report
  2. Vice-President Report
  3. Treasurer Report
  4. Secretary Report
  5. Director of Mobilisation/Education Report
  6. SRC Report
  7. Communications Report
  8. Human Rights & Equity Report
  9. Chief Steward Report
  10. Chief Steward Report
  11. Human Rights & Equity Report

2021 LEC Dates

  • January 20, 2021 10-6pm

Motion to adjourn moved by Lorne, seconded by Ines, passed unanimously.

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