CBC TORONTO LOCATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes: Thursday, Mar. 11, 2021
•  Posted on  May 23, 2021  

Official Minutes — Thursday, March 11/21

Via Zoom | Notetaker: Lyne-Francoise Pelletier, supplemented by Olena Sullivan

Attending – Vishnu Gajadhar, Naomi Robinson, Olena Sullivan, Lyne Françoise Pelletier, Krista Jolliffe, Wendy Walker, Jann Shreve, Matt Guerin, Kat McMorrow. 

Regrets – Olena Sullivan, Joe Fiorino, David Orian.

Select acting secretary to take minutes

Lyne-Françoise volunteered to take minutes (no recording)

Adoption of agenda — Moved by Wendy, seconded by Naomi, approved unanimously.

Adoption of past minutes with change – February 24, 2021 — Naomi suggested an amendment to minutes concerning the number of delegates LEC can send to OFL meetings after receiving clearer information on the subject. Number of volunteer delegates went from 10 to 6. Moved by Krista, seconded by Kat, abstain Matt, motion carries and minutes adopted.

Meeting stated: 9:05am with quorum


Spring/Summer Events Brainstorming

  • The LEC will celebrate May Day with members with cookies for those in the Broadcast Centre and a post for the CMG Toronto website.
  • Other events for essential staff for the summer were brainstormed. 
  • MOTION: Naomi moves to pay a former CMG writer up to $300.00 to create a webpost for cmgtoronto.ca to celebrate May Day. Seconded by Krista, approved unanimously. Motion carries.
  • MOTION: Naomi moves to spend up to $1,000.00 to provide cookies for members working in the building to celebrate May Day. Seconded by Krista, approved unanimously. Motion carries.

Member Pandemic Survey

  • A survey will be sent out to members on March 25th to find out how they have been coping both working in the building and working from home one year into the pandemic.
  • Survey results will be reported to the LEC at the next meeting on April 14, 2021.

Essential Staff

  • Discussed the multiple tiers of workers — work from home, hybrids, essential workers — and if these are all essential positions going forward.

Health & Safety Committee

  • There was a vote to replace two people on the Health and Safety Committee.
  • Joining this Committee as full members are Joanna Russell and David Bongard.

CMG Convention

  • CMG CBC Toronto is allowed 27 delegates to the virtual convention June 11-12.
  • A call has been put out via email and on social media for members to submit their names.


2021 Budget

  • MOTION: Matt moved to adopt the 2021 Budget as draft. Seconded by Kat, approved unanimously. Motion carries.

Labour Council Delegates

  • We can only send 6 delegates. Members who opted out being delegates: Lyne-Francoise, Kat, Jann, and Krista.


  • Table Officers Reports
  • Directors Reports
  • Chief Steward Reports

2021 LEC DATES  

  • April 14, 2021
  • May 12, 2021
  • June 16, 2021

Motion to adjourn – Kat moves, David seconds, approved unanimously.

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