CBC TORONTO LOCATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes: Thursday, March 26, 2020
•  Posted on  April 25, 2020  


Meeting Minutes:  Thursday, March 26, 2020 – 18;00-20;00

Location: via phone


Present: Brent Cousland, Lynne Chichakian, Ines Colabrese, Vish Gajadhar, Matt Guerin, Naomi Robinson, Julian Uzielli, Wendy Walker, Krista Jolliffe, Lorne Szamatry, Joe Fiorino.

Regrets: Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis.


A motion to adopt agenda – moved by Ines, seconded by Julian, Passed unanimously

New Business


  • Concerns from the floor that need to be addressed – parking, technology, WFH, Temps, communication to members, workload, H&S 

May Day Planning

  • Cancel the cookie order this year & post a May Day note on the website instead.

June Pride Planning

  • Likely there will not be a public Pride event in June.
  • Post a Pride message on the website. Matt to write and edit previous flyer.


  • Postponed


Spring Stewards Training Session

  • April 4 has been postponed/cancelled


  • Postponed/Cancelled
  • Brent — looks like at the moment they might delay it for an entire year and there might be a hybrid combine of 2 or follow with a President’s council the following year.

Bulletin Boards

  • Delayed because they wanted a customs broker to get them across the border, but order has been started, will ship in 2 weeks.


    1. President’s Report (NR) sent in via email
      • HR and CMG staff reps are all at home 
    2. Temp Report (JU) sent in via email
      • New since report, has heard second hand of temps that are concerned of not getting booked for new shifts during covid
    3. Health & Safety Report (BC) sent in vial email
      • No confirmed positive cases of any CBC employee inside the building or has been in the building.
      • If your area needs to be cleaned, call the 1-877 BGIS number or send an email.
    4. Director of Mobilisation/Education Report (IC) sent in via email
      • Brought up the issue with exec that everyone needs a CBC cellphone for times like this when we’re all working from home. 
      • PDD (formerly PMSD) — we’ll do a lunch and learn in September
    5. Chief Steward Report (KJ) sent in via email
      • Toronto street parking is also free now as long as you park legally.

2020 LEC Dates

  • April 21 – phone call meeting, keep full release day
  • May 1
  • June 19 

Motion to adjourn, 8:00 PM – moved by Lorne, seconded by Joe, passed unanimously

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