•  Posted on  January 29, 2023  

Attending – Vish, Olena, Krista, Kat, Jann, Sarah, David

Occasional – Jann

Absent – Natasha, Ines, Naomi

Adoption of agenda – Olena moves, Krista seconds, approved unanimously. 

Adoption of past minutes – June 23, 2022 – Kat moves, Wendy seconds, adopted unanimously.

Motion to appoint Sarah Robinson to the role of Toronto LEC Treasurer and Natasha Macdonald-Dupuis to the role of Toronto LEC SRC Director for the remainder of the current term ending December 31st, 2022. – motion passes with 5.

Ongoing Business

Map the Floor

  • This is an event where the LEC goes floor by floor throughout the entire building, meeting CMG members and making sure they’re signed up for their membership cards and CMG emails.
  • With the hybrid model, not all members are in the office at the same time and many WFH.
  • The LEC is looking into the best way to do this event over several days to reach all members.
  • Decision to postpone to next spring/summer for the incoming 2023-2024 LEC.

Holiday Party Committee Callout

  • A holiday party committee has been put together.
  • 3 emails will go out: save the date, update with details, and a party reminder.
  • The holiday party will be at The Pint on Front St. across from the CBC building on Thursday, December 1st.
  • There will also be a holiday breakfast on Thursday, December 8th.

Welcome Back Picnic Post Mortem

  • A good time was had by all CMG and APS union members and CBC corporate staff.
  • The LEC has received a lot of great feedback and will keep these in mind for future outdoor picnic events.

New Business


  • The AGM on November 17th will be a hybrid live and virtual event to allow as many CMG members as possible to attend.
  • 10am-5pm: 10am-1:30pm for in-person in the conference centre and 2pm-5pm for virtual.
  • For those attending the morning session, there will be doughnuts and coffee in the morning and pizza and pop for lunch.

Election Committee

  • A call for nominations will be sent next week by the election committee.
  • All three levels of CMG across the country have elections this year – local, branch and national.
  • Local positions are for a term of 2 years. Branch and national are for 3 year terms.

BEC in Toronto

  • The Branch Executive Committee will be in Toronto on October 21st to meet with CMG members and the LEC.
  • This is a good opportunity to meet and discuss the big issues that are affecting Toronto.

Reports & Questions 

  • Table Officers Reports
  • Directors Reports
  • Chief Steward Reports

Remaining 2022 LEC dates  

  • November 17 – AGM
  • December 1 – Holiday Party

Motion to adjourn meeting – David moves, Krista seconds, approved unanimously.

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