CBC TORONTO LOCATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes: Tuesday, April 21, 2020
•  Posted on  May 2, 2020  


Meeting Minutes:  Tuesday, April 21, 2020 – 10:00-14:30

Location: via phone


Present: Lynne Chichakian, Ines Colabrese, Vish Gajadhar, Matt Guerin, Naomi Robinson, Julian Uzielli, Wendy Walker, Krista Jolliffe, Lorne Szamatry, Joe Fiorino, Natasha MacDonald-Dupuis, Olena Sullivan, Brent Cousland. 

Joining at 12:00 From CMG Toronto: Carmel, Kim, Lauren, Terri, Ally.



A motion to adopt agenda, as amended – moved by Lorne, seconded by Ines, Passed unanimously

February 2020 minutes adoption – Olena to edit and resend, moved to next meeting

A motion to adopt March 26 minutes, as amended – moved by Ines, second by Julian, Natasha abstain,  


After Covid-19

  • Moved to May 1st agenda


  • The letter campaign to include temps on CERB is done.
  • BEC Survey is being sent out soon . We need to ensure that everyone receives the survey.
  • LC did a straw poll  of the members she had emails for and let them know of changes with CERB. 
  • All LEC members to send a “how’s it going?” email out to different areas in the CBC.
  • IC and LC to put together an information sheet on working from home tax reimbursement possibilities. 

Essential service

Joining us from the CMG office: Lauren, Carmel, Ally, Kim, Terri

  • Essential services
    • The Feds and CBC officially declared us an essential service during the pandemic but there are questions over what happens with this designation when the pandemic is over.
    • The CMG urged CBC to move as many people to work remotely, extend sick leave, the AL deadline, cover parking receipts, rent vehicles, and the temp town hall. 
    • A note is coming out from BEC encouraging all employees to take annual leave for a mental break and to free up shifts for temps. 
    • An announcement is going out about the new virtual health system available to all employees regardless of status. 
    • The CMG will continue to have discussion with management on what it means to have this designation as it currently stands.
  • Danger Pay
    • Danger pay – for people in the field and working in the building 
    • Suggest CMG propose additional remuneration (AdRem) for staff who feel they are in danger for a short term that can be renewed as needed. 
    • CMG to report back after the next IR meeting on progress.

Work from home T2200s

CMG present: Lauren, Carmel, Ally, Terri

  • Will CBC issue the T2200 forms to some staff?
  • IC and LC to form an ad-hoc committee to look into this and report back. Email and keep the CMG posted on what they find out.

Update from CMG

Delivered by Carmel.

  • Expanded staff rep list sent out.
  • Complaints between staff should be given straight to a staff rep. The office will assign a separate staff rep to the other person.
  • The CMG Convention is now set for June 10, 2021. Presidents’ council will be in 2022.
  • You will see a Friends of Public Broadcasting ad about supporting how valuable media workers are in a crisis.
  • Bruce May to receive a lifetime achievement award. 

(13:00 – Carmel, Kim, Ally, Terri & Lauren leave the call)


May Day

  • Cookie order cancelled.
  • Putting together a website post for members to address work from home, masks, personal expenses, ergonomics, annual leave. Ask for anyone not getting emails to send info to LC.
  • Naomi to write up draft email.

Spring Stewards Training Session

  • All training is delayed until Fall.

Final Bulletin Board locations

  • Planning to ship April 27th week but might be delayed due to Covid.
  • Might not be installed for a while.


  1. President’s Report (NR) sent in via email
    • There is a new case of Covid in the Toronto building as of March 9. 
    • Probable cases are being sent home to self-isolate and areas are being cleaned, 
    • Staff are not being forced to get a doctor’s note but they have to fill in the absence form to be able to track sick days.
  2. VP Report (WW) sent in via email
    • May Day poster to be put up in the building and on main CMG website.
  3. Treasurer’s Report (MG) sent via email
    • Trying to get email transfers for paying bills and getting out honorariums.
  4. Secretary’s Report (OS) not sent in
    • All Kids staff are happily working from home and Studio K hosts are shooting from home.
  5. Temp Report (JU) sent in via email
    • French temps town hall tonight with staff reps.
  6. Communications Report (JF) sent in via email
    • Concerted effort to minimize people going into the field.
  7. Human Rights & Equity Report (LC) sent in via email
    • Dividers have been brought in to help with social distancing.
    • CMG Masks were handed out last week in MPC.
  8. Chief Steward Report (VG)
    • Everything is running ok, working from home is not different than a typical work day but there are technical issues.
  9. SRC Report (NMD) 
    • All staff have hangout meetings with SRC mgmt

2020 LEC Dates

May 1 – keeping the date 

June 19 – keeping the date


Motion to adjourn, 2:30 PM – moved by Lorne, seconded by Vish, passed unanimously.

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