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LEC Meeting Minutes – Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Attending – Vish, Naomi, Olena, Lyne-Françoise, Jann, Krista, Matt, Kat. 

Partial – Wendy, David.

Adoption of agenda – add Election Committee to agenda (Olena) – Naomi moves, Lyne seconds, passes unanimously.

Adoption of past minutes – Nov. 17, 2021 – Krista moves, Kat seconds, passed unanimously.

Meeting starts at 10:20 with Quorum.

Joining us after lunch (Vish to reconfirm):

  • CMG CBC Branch president Kim Trynacity @ 1 pm
  • Toronto Temp committee co-chair Nair Apkarian attends @ 1:30 pm

Ongoing Business

 Local Vaccine Mandate Grievances

  • Several CMG Members submitted grievances against the vaccine mandate to the Local Grievance Committee..
  • The Local Joint Committee will be discussing the use of rapid tests and tracking/reporting cases now that more people are coming into the building.

LEC Dates

  • Upcoming LEC meeting dates have been changed to Thursdays to allow for one of our members to attend due to a conflict.

New Business

Election Committee 

  • Discussion held in camera.
  • Motion that The LEC appoints Harmen Meinders and Sarah Robinson to the election committee: Naomi moves, Lyne seconds, passed unanimously.

Toronto and York Labour Council

  • The Toronto and York Labour Council has openings on many of their councils that are open to LEC members. 


  • Some release requests have not been getting to the managers that need to approve them in a timely manner.
  • Vish will touch base with the NEC to ask if there is a process that can be developed that will make it easier for the releases to be submitted and approved on time.
  • LEC members to pre-emptively let managers know the dates they will need. They will follow-up with managers about approvals. 

New Covid Protocols

  • Some CMG members are being asked to work overtime, double shifts, on their days off, or cannot use their AL without being able to roll this time over.
  • Members who cannot use their AL should get in touch with a steward or staff rep.
  • Naomi and Vish will bring these issues to the LJC meeting. 

Member Engagement

  • It was decided to put some money into the budget for member engagement.
  • Member engagement will be discussed in March when reintegration plans and what is happening with the pandemic will be better known.

Budget 2022

  • Matt provided a draft 2022 budget document. We went through the document and proposed numbers for items/ideas we had for member engagement
  • Money was added into the budget for Chromebooks for all the signing officers.
  • Tabled for the March 3 meeting was a discussion about the budget for swag and types of swag.

Timeline for Chief Steward By-Election

  • Monday Feb. 28th — callout with a deadline of March 11th
  • Election committee to figure out date for reminder email
  • March 14th-24th — campaign
  • March 24-25 — election

Reports & Questions

  • Table Officers Reports
  • Directors Reports
  • Chief Steward Reports

2022 LEC Dates

  • Thursday, March 3, 2022
  • Thursday, March 31, 2022
  • Thursday, May 5, 2022
  • Thursday, June 23, 2022

Motion to adjourn the meeting – Naomi moves, Matt seconds, passes unanimously.

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