CBC TORONTO LOCATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021
•  Posted on  March 2, 2021  

CBC LEC Meeting Minutes – January 20/21

Attending – Vishnu Gajadhar, Naomi Robinson, Olena Sullivan, Matt Guerin, David Orian, Lyne Françoise Pelletier, Krista Jolliffe, Joe Fiorino, Wendy Walker, Jann Shreve, Kat McMorrow. 

Adoption of agenda — Moved by Joe, seconded by Kat, approved unanimously.

Adoption of past minutes with modification from Wendy – December 3, 2020 — Moved by Krista, seconded by Naomi, with Kat, Lyne, David and Jann abstaining, approved unanimously.


Vish welcomed the new LEC for 2021. 


New Members introductions

  • The existing LEC introduced themselves to the new members so that they know who we are, what we do at the CBC and what we do in the LEC.
  • New LEC members introduced themselves, letting us know what they do at the CBC and why they wanted to be part of the LEC.

New Staff Rep Introductions 

Patrick Legay and Matt Douglas from the CMG joined at 11:30am

  • Patrick will be the primary on local grievance, is on some national committees, and is assigned to Editorial, TV News, and 4th floor. 
  • Mat will be primary on joint labour management, national JC and education for the guild. 

Our Roles – Blue Sky Planning Session

  • Vish will look at the safety of working in the building during Covid, danger pay, and member outreach through a quarterly stewards newsletter
  • Olena will look at putting together a more robust social communication strategy with Vish and Naomi
  • Kat will look into the onboarding process, welcome sessions, orientation meetings, workers rights information, working with the Temp committee and the Diversity ERG.
  • Jann will look at diversity coverage and microaggressions in print, online, on air and in interactions and how to deal with these things more quickly.
  • Naomi will work on online stewards, retirement readiness, job interview, and bystander training as well as member events.

Member Support

  • MOTION: We approve up to $300 to support a member who has faced grave personal crisis. Joe seconds. Passed unanimously.
  • Online cards will be set up, signed and sent.

2021 Budget

  • The budget overview document was shared with the group to review and start planning the budget for 2021. 
  • An expenses Google Doc will be shared with the team.
  • All LEC members to have a look at the proposed budget for discussion next month. Budget to be passed next month.

Technology for Meetings

  • The LEC will be moving from Google Hangouts to Zoom for member meetings, workshops and town halls.
  • MOTION: Whereas the COVID-19 pandemic has made in person meetings against public health policies, and; Whereas there is no firm end date to this situation,  and; Whereas consulting together and outreach to members is more important now than ever, and; Whereas Zoom is proving to be the most reliable virtual meeting software working on devices across all platforms, and; Whereas easy access to our own Zoom license will spur usage and encourage virtual gatherings amongst local members for myriad reasons; The LEC proposes to purchase a one year license for ZOOM for up to $3100. It will be used for LEC meetings, committee meetings and member outreach. Moved by Naomi. Second by Wendy. Motion carries.

Committee & Subcommittee Organization

  • There will be a callout the week of Feb. 8 for committee members.
  • The deadline for online submissions of interest will be Feb. 26.

Members Outreach

  • The LEC wants to make sure that all members get information in as many ways as possible:
    • Existing private and public Facebook pages. If you haven’t joined them, please do so.
    • Additional posting on the CBC CMG local website.
    • Putting together and sending out additional informative emails such as stewards newsletters. Not on the mailing list? Send you personal email to Lynne Chichakian
    • We are exploring other social media platforms that might be appropriate for our members.

CBC Proposed Regulatory Changes

  • The CBC has asked the CRTC for changes to their licence that could see more mandated content moving from television and radio to digital.
  • The LEC will keep an eye on the outcome of the proposed changes and will work with members to get help get them transitioned if need be.

Toronto Temp Workers Committee

  • Motion: That the LEC approve up to 4 release days for the local Toronto Temp Committee to do a prep day in February.  Matt moved, Kat seconds. Motion carries. 

Essential Workers Vaccination

  • The CBC does not make the decision on vaccinations, it comes from Toronto public health. 
  • The CBC has put out information on their stand on vaccinations and masks and it is available on IO.

Communication & Radio

  • The LEC is keeping an eye on any potential automation of program scheduling.


Collective Agreement


  • PDDs are ongoing and the cycle will reset in September, 2021.
  • Compliance numbers vary between departments


  • President’s Report
  • VP Report
  • Treasurer Report
  • Secretary Report
  • SRC Report
  • Human Rights, Equity & Diversity Report
  • Health, Safety & Wellness Report
  • New Members & Precarious Workers Report
  • Chief Steward Reports

Oath of Office sent to LEC members to take and respond with digital signature.

2021 LEC DATES  

  • February 24, 2021
  • March 11, 2021
  • April 14, 2021
  • May 12, 2021
  • June 16, 2021

Motion to adjourn – Naomi moves, Kat seconds, approved unanimously.

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