CBC TORONTO LOCATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, June 16, 2021
•  Posted on  October 12, 2021  

Official Minutes — Wednesday, June 16/21

Attending – Vish, Naomi, Olena, Lyne-Françoise, Joe, David, Krista, Wendy, Jann, Matt. 

Half meeting – Kat.

Meeting started with quorum.

Adoption of agenda – Krista moves, Olena seconds. Passed unanimously. 

Adoption of past minutes – May 12, 2021 – Lyne moves, Kat seconds, adopted unanimously.

Joining us after lunch:

  • CBC Branch President/Staff Reps: Matt Douglas and Terri Monture @ 1:00 pm
  • Helen Bagshaw for a bystander workshop @ 1:30 pm

New Business

Convention Review

  • CBC Toronto sent 19 delegates to the convention.
  • We ran out of time to get through all resolutions as there were a lot of discussions.
  • Vish to send out a report on the resolutions and amendments that were debated and passed to the rest of the LEC so that we can use it to speak with members.

Welcome Back Package

  • Return to work may be later than September, slower and phased and depends on telework/working from home.
  • CMG is looking into CBC use of “telework” as a way to circumvent the collective agreement.
  • Motion: Naomi moves to spend up to $20k on swag for CMC Toronto members. Krista seconds. Motion carries.
  • Events committee to look into hoodies and atrium events
    • Krista, Olena, Naomi, Matt, Wendy and Vish

Autumn Slow Return to Normal

  • The event committee will look into a “hold the date” for December 2nd once the Pint House opens.
  • The LEC will look into “hold the date” for Thursday, September 9 for an ice cream day. Naomi to reach out to Aki to see if he is available.

Reports & Questions 

  • Table Officers Reports
  • Directors Reports
  • Chief Stewards Reports

Guest Appearances 

CBC Branch President / Staff Reps Update

  • Matt and Terri came in when Helen was starting bystander training.
  • They will come back in September to give updates.

Bystander Training

  • With Helen Bagshaw

2021 LEC dates  

  • Wednesday, September 15
  • Wednesday, October 20
  • Wednesday, November 17

We’ll wing it if we need to get together in August for a quick meeting. 

Motion to adjourn — Matt moves, Naomi seconds. Passed unanimously.

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