CBC TORONTO LOCATION EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Meeting Minutes: Wednesday, May 12, 2021
•  Posted on  July 25, 2021  

Official Minutes — Wednesday, May 12/21

Attending – Vishnu Gajadhar, Naomi Robinson, Olena Sullivan, Lyne Françoise Pelletier, Krista Jolliffe, Jann Shreve, David Orian, Matt Guerin, Kat McMorrow, Wendy Walker. 

Adoption of agenda — Moved by Krista, seconded by Joe, approved unanimously.

Adoption of past minutes – April 14, 2021. Moved by Naomi, seconded by Kat, approved unanimously.

Meeting started: 10:05am with quorum

Vish intro to the meeting. 

  • The LEC does not usually meet in July and August but this year is a little different:
    • Might want to touch base in July and August in the evening for a short catch-up meeting for Olympics and people returning to the office.


Election Committee

  • Petrona Martin is leaving on a one-year non-CMG secondment so the committee needs a new person.
  • The LEC will reach out to stewards after Petrona steps down from the election committee to see if anyone would like to apply for the committee vacancy.

Health and Safety Committee

  • One of the members needs to be replaced due to health concerns. 
  • MOTION: Joe moves to appoint John LeSavage as a sitting member of the CBC Toronto H&S Committee. Lyne seconds. Motion passes.


CMG Convention

  • LEC members to strike a sub-committee to prepare for the convention: 
    • Vish, Olena, Matt and Naomi will take part to discuss strategy and set up a prep session for delegates.
  • All delegate release requests will be handled via online form on the CMG website.

Member Pandemic Survey

  • The survey results will be used to inform our conversations with members and with CBC management.
  • The survey format will be shared with the group of LECs across Canada so that they can get the data from their location membership. 

CMG Updates

Kim Trynacity joined the meeting at 12:30pm

  • BEC approved a project to look at the 5 day workweek.
  • CMG won arbitration with CBC that TOIL (time off in lieu) is to be treated differently than max work hours allowed. An announcement has gone out to managers from the CMG.
  • Future of Work — The CBC is still sticking to September as the date for return to the building, but things are in flux.
  • Olympics — the CMG is saying you there needs to be more than rapid testing. What about reporters and shooters in the field or at anti-mask protests?
  • CMG Convention — there will be a dry-run beforehand. 


  • Table Officers Reports
  • Directors Reports
  • Chief Steward Reports

2021 LEC DATES  

  • June 16, 2021 

Motion to adjourn – Kat moves, Krista seconds, approved unanimously

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