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CBC LEC Meeting Minutes – November 17/21

Via Zoom – notetake Olena Sullivan

Attending — Vish, Naomi, Olena, Lyne-Françoise, Matt, Jann, Krista, Kat, David, Wendy. 

Regrets — Joe.

Adoption of agenda — add to New Business meetings for 2022 (Vish), Hoodie Chat by Naomi — motion to adopt Naomi, Krista seconds, moved unanimously.

Adoption of past minutes — Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2021 — motion to adopt Lyne, David seconds, moved unanimously. 

Joining us after lunch:

  • CMG Staff Rep: Matt Douglas @ 1:00 pm

Ongoing Business

AGM Prep 

  • Send out email one week before (November 25th) with president and treasurer report attached and Zoom link.
  • Send out reminder email one the morning of (Dec. 1 or late on the 30th) with president and treasurer report attached and Zoom link. 
  • There will be an email callout on the bulletin boards at the Toronto building.
  • AGM will also be promoted on the Private Facebook group. 
  • Questions from members to be submitted via chat at the AGM Zoom.
  • The LEC members will introduce themselves and what they have been working on in the past year.

Workloads After Vaccine Mandate

  • Uptake is good so far at CBC. We’re over 90% as a workplace for vaccination.
  • An issue with AL hold is being looked at by CMG staff reps.
  • The CMG branch is having meetings about this issue and workloads and is monitoring.
  • A message about shortages will go out in the next stewards newsletter.
  • National workloads can impact us and vice versa so this is a national CMG issue.

Hoodie plan/chat

  • 11 boxes of hoodies came in — around 252 hoodies!
  • They are in the process of being distributed by stewards and activists. 
  • Leftover hoodies will be distributed to those who did not receive the initial email, qualify, and filled it in late.

New Business

CMG Response to Anti-Vax Grievances

  • Members can file a grievance with the CMG. 
  • Members should write up why they don’t feel they should get vaccinated. 
  • The LEC will pass on any grievance to the CMG branch. They will decide what to do further.
  • CMG is not challenging the CBC policy at this point.


  • PDDs are rolling out through the CBC/SRC.
  • You should be having conversations with your manager about your goals for the upcoming fiscal year.

2022 Member Events

  • Move to January agenda.

CMG Staff Rep Matt Douglas joined us for a brief discussion about vaccinations.

Reports & Questions 

  • Table Officers Reports
  • Directors Reports
  • Chief Steward Reports

2021 LEC dates  

  • Thursday, December 2 – AGM
  • Tuesday, January 11, 2022
  • Tuesday, March 1, 2022
  • Tuesday, March 29, 2022
  • Tuesday, May 3, 2022
  • Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Motion to adjourn — Kat motions, Jann seconds, passed unanimously.

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