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CBC Toronto Location Executive Committee Roles and Responsibilities
•  Posted on  July 24, 2020  

We wanted to shed some light on what the various positions are on our Local Executive Committee (LEC) and what they do. Hopefully this will help explain what your coworkers who step forward to volunteer their time in these roles are tasked with doing for us.

Local President – This person chairs the LEC and full membership meetings, and is responsible for upholding the bylaws and policies of the CMG. They are the usual spokesperson for local union affairs, and have the right to sit on any local committee(s).  They also are de facto Toronto Director on the national CBC Branch Executive Committee, and must attend those meetings to represent Toronto interests.

Vice President –  Should the Local President not be available, the VP is the normal designated alternate to chair meetings or attend functions.  This person also ensures that education and mobilization efforts are on-going and supported.

Treasurer – Accounting for how members’ dues money is spent, filing financial reports to the LEC and main CMG office, and keeping an annual budget are the main tasks involved as Treasurer.  Knowledge of bookkeeping software, and/or spreadsheets and record keeping is a necessity.

Secretary – This role keeps our LEC organized and keeps communications with members flowing.  They take the minutes at each LEC meeting, and are responsible for posting to our website cmgtoronto.ca  They also perform organizational tasks like booking meetings, and organizing records.

Director of SRC –  Our Francophone members in Toronto are supported by this person, en français, and connects with other SRC CMG activists across the country. They also sit on the Local SRC Regional Joint Committee.

Director of New Members & Precarious Workers – Most often new employees are also precariously employed, and need special support and information. This director sits on the Local Temp Committee and also organizes and hosts orientation sessions for new union members.

Director of Human Rights, Equity, & Diversity – This director helps organize and run various events and campaigns that promote Human Rights issues in our workplace. Connections made with diverse members who want to address issues surrounding equity and inclusion falls within this portfolio.

Director of Wellness / Health & Safety –  This person also sits on the local Health & Safety Committee, and focuses on issues of workplace wellness.  Training is given on H&S protocol, and member queries and concerns on workplace safety are sent to this person. They work in conjunction with the National H&S committee members when needed.

Chief Steward – There are actually 3 Chief Steward positions on the LEC, and they connect with stewards and activists across the building.  They offer them support and information via newsletters and meetings, and ensure that stewards training is offered from time to time.  They also offer member support directly on individual issues, or in certain departments, when problems arise.

What does the LEC do?

As of 2020, there are 11 LEC members in total, and they meet at least 10 times each year to hold counsel.  They function as a unit to organize and host various events and functions for our local CBC Toronto members.

Local elections are normally held every 2 years. But from time to time, by-elections can be held for specific positions in the interim.

The LEC is also responsible for populating Local committees that meet with management on various issues. You can find information on the various committees here.