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Celebrating May Day During a Pandemic
•  Posted on  April 29, 2020  

In an effort to keep our local members informed, here’s some updated information for those of us working at CBC Toronto.

CMG Survey coming out soon… Watch for an email from CMG in the next few days. Please take the time to fill it in so that we can collect some data and comments on our working conditions & concerns during the pandemic. 

We have some cloth CMG Masks available for members who want them. Please email if you would like a mask and we can arrange a way to get it to you in the building.

WFH?(Working From Home?)  

Be sure to check with your manager if you are incurring extra costs by working from home.  You’ll need to submit receipts through the TEMS system.  Call Shared Services if you are having difficulty navigating the TEMS system – 1-866-999-7888  The CBC has already said that they will not cover the cost of office furniture, but if you had an ergonomic assessment and have a specialized chair – you can ask permission to bring it home. 

Still Working in the Building? 

There is still FREE parking at the MTCC… but most of the Simcoe Park foodcourt restaurants have closed.  You can get a coffee to go at Tim’s in the food court (only until about 1:30), or at the Second Cup at King & John, but everything is closing early each day. And you need an app  to get food from the John Street A&W.  The Pizzaiola at John & Adelaide is open for slices.

If you have any questions, or need cleaning supplies while in the building, first contact your supervisor or manager, and if that doesn’t work send an email to , and give them your location and desk number. 

If you find a bathroom that needs soap or paper towels, call BGIS 1-866-771-1211, tell them you are in the CBC Toronto and the door number of the bathroom.

At Work in the Field?  

If you are assigned to a story where contact to the virus may occur, a risk assessment has to be done and everyone on the assignment needs to be given the appropriate materials, ie, masks, clothing, etc. If this isn’t being followed, contact Brent Cousland (Union H&S Cochair ).

If you are not receiving CMG emails, please send a note to Lynne Chichakian at .  If someone you know is not receiving them, tell them to contact Lynne.

We encourage you to take some AL this summer – it helps our temps get work & gives us a rest away from work during this stressful time. 

There is now a new Dialogue Virtual Health Service available for CBC staff for the next year. It will allow you to get access to a health professional online or over the phone, for a variety of medical needs.  There’s more information on iO here…

Please regularly check the Covid postings on iO – there are Employee Guides and constantly updated information for staff found here…

Stay safe and reach out to a union official if you need advice !