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Local CBC Toronto CMG Committee members named
•  Posted on  April 15, 2019  
The following CMG members at CBC Toronto have been named to sit as volunteers representing local CMG members on the following committees:
Local Joint Employment Committee (Workforce Adjustment)- LJEC

Chair: Naomi Robinson

Staff rep support: Lauren Baert/ Bruce May

Members Include: Rob Barlow, Naomi Robinson, Matt Guerin, Vish Gajadhar

Local Grievance Committee – LGC

Interim Chair: Naomi Robinson

Staff rep support: Anthony Dimaio

Members:Naomi Robinson, Lorne Shapiro, Wendy Walker, Harmen Meinders

Local Joint Committee – LJC

Chair: Naomi Robinson

Members: Sujata Berry , Lorne Szatmary, Naomi Robinson, Jordanna Lake

Regional SRC Committee

Chair: Stephany Laperriere

Staff Rep support: Olivier Roy

Toronto Members: Stephany Laperriere

Health & Safety Committee

Chair: Brent Cousland

CMG Members:David Orian, Dave Bongard, Joanna Russell, Brent Cousland

Staff Rep support: Olivier Roy

Temp Committee

Chair: Wendy Walker

Staff Rep support: Lauren Baert

Members:  Thomas Cramer, Brent Cousland, Nairi Apkarian

PMSD Committee – Joint Committee

Chair: Naomi Robinson

Members: Ines Colabrese, Vlad Dmitrijevic, Naomi Robinson

CMG Toronto Election Committee

Chair: Vlad Dmitrijevic

Members: Rignam Wangkhang, Petrona Martin

Care Committee

Members: Matt Guerin, Vish Gajadhar