Minutes: March 12, 2012
•  Posted on  February 14, 2013  

Monday, March 12th, 2012

PRESENT: Tony Germin, Christina Sorensen, Elaine Janes, Claryse Boulineau, Rob Barlow, Naomi Robinson, Maureen Brosnahan, Riza Kaya, Glen Guerin, Michael Pattison, Jordanna Lake.

Vladamir Dimitrijevic joined at 17:35.

On Phone: Alice Hopton, Helen Bagshaw

Purpose of meeting: To Consider and vote on the applicants for the five positions on the LJEPC.

There were nine applicants in all. Candidates were discussed “in camera.”  Candidates and LEC Members Elaine Janes, Christina Sorensen, Alice Hopton, Claryse Boulineau were asked to leave the room. The committee voted.

Here are the names of the successful candidates for the LJEPC committee:

Corey Martin

Elaine Janes

Ralph Legare

Alice Hopton

Tamir Kojfman

Meeting was adjourned at 1830.