Minutes of the Toronto LEC Meeting April 6, 2018
•  Posted on  February 8, 2019  

Minutes of the Toronto LEC Meeting April 6, 2018


Location: CMG BOARD ROOM, 311 Adelaide Street

10:00 am- 6:00 pm

PRESENT: Naomi Robinson, Wendy Walker, Brent Cousland, Matt Guerin, Jennifer Clibbon, Vish Gajadhar, Lorne Szatmary, Krista Jolliffe, Joe Fiorino,  Stéphany Laperrière


Absent: Joe Fiorino, Tony Germin, Thomas Cramer


Adopt meeting agenda April 6, 2018:

Moved: Lorne Szatmary

Seconded: Brent Cousland

Motion Passes.


Report of the President-Naomi Robinson

-update on lunch and learns, job interview skills and anti oppression training

discussion of  the wellness lunch & learn & formed  the sub-committee to look into that as Tony Germin, Jennifer Clibbon, Vish Gajadhar, Wendy Walker

-update on bystander and retirement ready sessions

– Bulletin Board update & IR requests


Motion: Whereas the LEC has done 2 nomination callouts for Education Mobilization director with no response, be it resolved to distribute education and mobilisation responsibilities amongst LEC current members and consider an appointment in future should an eligible candidate come forward.


Moved: Brent Cousland

Seconded: Krista Jolliffe

Motion passes




-Education presentation: Healing Motion/Elena Kanaki

-Bruce May, CMG, consultation


Lunch Break 1:30- 2:00 pm


Vice President’s Report-Tony Germin. Absent.


Secretary’s Report, Jennifer Clibbon

-CMG sympathy cards

-Eric Foss memorial. CMG contribution for coffee at event


Treasurer’s Report-Matt Guerin


Motion to adopt March 1, 2018 minutes


Moved: Lorne Szatmary

Seconded: Vish Gajadhar

2 abstentions

Motion passes


New Business

Map the floor plans, April 10-11, 2018

Convention preparations–  CMG Solidarity pins – consult with BEC on potential candidates from CBCTO & adding page to our website

– we will offer a lunch & learn to the CBCTO delegation in the 2nd week of May

-discussion on SWAG & CMG Branded purchases sub-committee is Naomi Robinson, Vish Gajadhar, Krista Jolliffe



” Motion to spend up to $200 on CBC Toronto CMG branded napkins” –


Moved Brent Cousland

Seconded  Wendy Walker

passes unanimously


May Day event – discussion over cookies and mobilisation focus (Bargaining & Bill C27 postcards)

– “Motion that the LEC pay for 1 release day to send a representative to the Federal Harassment Consultation session on April 13, 2018”


Moved Krista Jolliffe

Seconded Vish Gajadhar

passes unanimously.


-we will ask the representative to provide a report back to the LEC


-discussion over purchasing a new laptop or whether an older treasurer’s laptop would suffice for Temp Cttee use


– “Motion to pay up to $300 for CCOHS Health & Safety online courses for the CMG Health & Safety co-chair to assess”


Moved Krista Joliffe  

Seconded Stephany Laperierre

passes unanimously…


– “Motion to release an LEC member to attend Pride Parade Orientation”

Moved Wendy Walker
Seconded Stephany Laperriere

passes unanimously



Other Business


Health and Safety, Brent Cousland

New Members-Thomas Cramer/ absent

SRC-Stéphany Laperrière

Human Rights, Equity and Diversity-Vish Gajadhar

Job Transformation –Wendy Walker


Motion: Whereas all of CBC Toronto delegate positions have been filled, for the LEC to pay for costs of up to 5 CMG CBC Toronto observers to come to convention 2018 and consider them alternates for any voting delegates that may not be present on the floor.


Moved: Matt Guerin

Seconded: Stéphany Laperrière

Motion passes


February Minutes for May 2018 meeting, and update on Convention CMG observer list


CMG branded items.

Motion: That LEC pay up to 200 dollars in CMG branded items`

Moved:Brent Cousland

Seconded: Krista Jolliffe



Motion: LEC pay for one release day to send a representative to the federal

Harassment consultation session on April 13th


Moved: Krista Jolliffe

Seconded: Vish Gajadhar


Chief Stewards Updates

Brent Cousland-Health and safety committee


Motion: To appoint David Bongard as full time member of the Toronto workplace Health and Safety Committee and Jerome Atangana as an alternate committee member


Moved: Lorne Szatmary

Second: Krista Jolliffe


Radio –Canada- Stéphany Laperrière update


Human Rights and Diversity-Vish Gajadhar update

-Pride parade


`Motion to release an LEC member to attend Pride Parade preparation“

Moved: Matt Guerin

Seconded Wendy Walker


Temporary Committee- Brent Cousland, Wendy Walker


Chief Steward: Krista Joliffe, update

               Brent Cousland, health and safety update

-A motion to pay up to 300 dollars for CCOS health and safety online courses for the CMG health and safety co-chair to assess.

Moved Krista Joliffe

Seconded Stephany Stéphany Laperrière

Motion passes


Next Meeting to be held  May 1, 2018 in CMG building


Motion to adjourn:

Moved: Wendy Walker

Seconded: Matt Guerin

passes unanimously


Meeting ends at 5:30  pm


Next Meeting May 1, 2018 CBC