Minutes of the Toronto LEC Meeting October 11, 2018
•  Posted on  February 8, 2019  

LEC Minutes CMG

Meeting Date:  THURSDAY OCTOBER 11 (10-6 PM pm), 2018

 CMG office, 311 Adelaide St. E, Suite 101 ,  416.591.5333 ext. 221


Present: Naomi Robinson, Matt Guerin, Brent Cousland, Wendy Walker, Joe Fiorino, Jennifer Clibbon, Tony Germin, Lorne Szatmary, Vish Gajadhar, Thomas Cramer, Stéphany Laperrière (arrived 2:45 pm after other union activities)


Absent: Krista Jolliffe


  1. Adopt agenda

Moved: Lorne Szatmary

    Seconded:Tony Germin


  1. Reports of Officers
    • President’s Report: Naomi Robinson
    • -bargaining update
    • Vice President’s Report: Tony Germin
    • Temporary employees, grievances
    • Secretary’s Report: Jennifer Clibbon
    • Treasurer’s Report-Matt Guerin
    • Holiday party being budgeted
    • Looking into high interest savings account


  1. New Business:

 LEC discussed appointment of new election committee members

CMG local elections. November 5th 2018 nomination deadline, use link on CMG email

-beware no campaigning at holiday party

-encourage people to run

Bystander joint training

-management and CMG as a joint process

Holiday Party, Pint House, December 6 2018

Committee: -Vish Gajadhar, Matt Guerin, Krista Jolliffe, Naomi Robinson, Jennifer Clibbon

Holiday breakfast, December 10, 2018

4 a.m. Thomas Cramer, Brent Cousland, Naomi Robinson

Stewards’ training, December 3rd  2018

AGM November 15, 2018


Collective Bargaining update

11 am -6 pm

Conference centre room B

-pizza available

-12:30 updates on bargaining

-featured speakers: Kam Rao, CMG President, Jonathan Spence, National Branch President, Karen Wirsig, staff representative


Kam Rao, Jonathan Spence updates

-staffing updates, October 22nd, and October 29th , November 5th

3 new staff members

-walking the floor with update on bargaining/negotiations with CBC Management November 23rd 2018. 3 release days. Wendy Walker, Lorne Szatmary and Vish Gajadhar


AGM November 15 2018-meeting

-printed reports from directors and committees


Job Postings and Jobs-updates on developments


Reports of Committees:

Communication Joe Fiorino

Education & Mobilization –

New Members Thomas Cramer, update and progress helping temps

SRC Stéphany Laperrière -update, scheduling, training, job evaluation

Human Rights, Equity & Diversity-Vish Gajadhar 

Job Transformation Wendy Walker

     Health and Safety– Brent Cousland, air quality, cannabis exposure during field newsgathering, renovations, washrooms, new tenants, security, mediation training, grievance


Chief Stewards reports:

Lorne Szatmary-

Brent Cousland



Moved Brent Cousland

Seconded Lorne Szatmary

Passes unanimously