Minutes of the Toronto LEC Meeting  October 20 , 2016
•  Posted on  November 24, 2016  

Location: CBC 5th Floor 5C305

Start time: noon


PRESENT:  Wendy Walker, Naomi Robinson, Matt Guerin, Neil Herland, Jennifer Clibbon,  Sophie Hautcoeur, Jordanna Lake, Tony Germin, Jonathan Spence, Joe Fiorino, Mariel Borelli


Reading of Human Rights Principles: Jordanna Lake.


Adopt meeting agenda :

Moved: Jordanna Lake.

Seconded: Matt Guerin.

Motion Passes.


Reports of Officers


-Vice President’s Report

Neil Herland  will not run again because of move to Montreal

-update poster campaign

“Your Guild Gets Results”


13:00 Change of Chair. From Neil Herland to Naomi Robinson who arrives


President’s Report: Naomi Robinson

– local election issues discussed, including atrium info tables

– Holiday party update – Baton Rouge booked for Dec. 8

– AGM duty roster set

-updates of posted schedules

-cash advances for CBC travel and the system, discussions about how to improve system

-workspaces and improvements to


Treasurer’s Report: Jordanna Lake

-presents précis of 2016 Budget


Director of Communications Joe Fiorino

-ongoing renovation is making 4th floor and other areas hazardous

Effects of shift work on mental health an ongoing issue of discussion at Health & Safety


Chief Steward: Tony Germin

-discussion of various grievance issues


 Wendy Walker, Director of New Members

-graphic designers and discussions about fair access to good assignments

-disappearing work


Director of Human Rights and Equity: Matt Guerin

-working on issues with large number of new hires in L&A


Societe Radio Canada: Sophie Hautcoeur

-SRC hiring again, new head of dept.

-morale better because of new jobs


Jonathan Spence, Chief Steward

-discussion of concerns about toxic work environments

-need for more bystander training


New Business


Next meeting, November 18, 2016

-ask Helen Bagshaw to come and do bystander training at Nov. 18, 2016 meeting


-December 8th is Xmas Party

further planning needed


Motion to adjourn (Jordanna Lake , seconded by Neil Herland, passes unanimously)


Meeting ends at 4:00 pm