Minutes – September 11, 2017
•  Posted on  October 4, 2017  

Location: CMG BOARD ROOM, 311 Adelaide Street

9:30 am- 6:00 pm


PRESENT:Naomi Robinson, Wendy Walker, Brent Cousland, Sophie Hautcoeur, Matt Guerin, Jennifer Clibbon, Vish Gajadhar, Lorne Szatmary, Krista Jolliffe, Kam Rao (CMG President), Thomas Cramer, Karen Wirsig (staff rep CMG), Tony Germin,Wendy Walker, Kevin Keigher


Adopt meeting agenda Sept 11, 2017:

Moved: Krista Joliffe

Seconded: Vish Gajadhar

Motion Passes.                   


Report of the President-Naomi Robinson

-Labour Day event

-May Day event…

-discussed staff refreshments/cookie day

-reprint posters Saturday October 27th/cookies

-retirement ready lunch and learn, coming in October

-AGM, coming in November

-automation coming

-HR changes


Vice President’s Report-Tony Germin

Secretary’s Report –Jennifer Clibbon

Treasurer’s Report-Matt Guerin

CMG President Kam Rao Report

Jonathan Spence, special medical leave provision, CBC on board of directors request,Pension surplus document


New Business

 Interns, |Joe and Naomi met with management to discuss concerns


-Global TV Camera-there was no strike Aug 9 2017


Annual General Meeting (November 16th 11-7 pm, 11-2, 5-7 pm 2-4pm LEC meeting ) possible speakers: Kam Rao, Jonathan Spence, Matt Guerin


Holiday Party (Thurs Dec.7) location: The Pint is reserved


-CMG Toronto closed facebook group

-Matt Guerin, Sophie Hautcoeur, Brent Cousland will discuss


Other Business


Health and Safety, Joe Fiorino not present

Education and Mobilisation-update Kevin Keigher

New Members-Thomas Cramer

SRC-Sophie Hautcoeur, bilingual premiums

Care Committee-Arnold Amber memorial book

Human Rights, Equity and Diversity-Vish Gajadhar

-diversity and equity ERGs very effective

-doing Lynda.com consultation

Job Transformation- Wendy Walker. Agency hires.


Chief Stewards Updates

Brent Cousland- Robocams, upgraded washrooms coming in Broadcast Centre, insect bites, repair issues

Lorne Czatmary, scheduling issues, people working 8, 9, 10 days in a row, lengthy hours, Master Control, Job Evaluation back log

Krista Jolliffe-sick leave and workload, burnout


Next Meeting October 2nd, 2017 to be held in CMG building.


Motion to adjourn

Moved:Krista Jolliffe

Seconded: Kevin Keigher

passes unanimously


Meeting ends at 5:30 pm