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Photos from CMG 2015 Holiday Party
•  Posted on  December 11, 2015  

Another great CMG Holiday party on December 10, 2015 – at Baton Rouge!

Members from several different Guild Branches attended, and enjoyed good food & good company.

 The 50-50 draw raised over $200 for the Covenant House Youth Shelter, and  was won by Rhonda Kirkpatrick – who then generously donated her winnings to the Daily Bread Foodbank!

 The Door Prizes were won by Emilio Lina, John Fraser, Carolyn McCarthy, Stewart Douglas (all CBC) & Nick Brown (CP).  Prizes included the newly translated book  “Losing Our Voices” by Alain Saulnier , as well as gift certificates from neighbouring businesses Pizza Rustica, Boston Pizza, & even a night at the Soho Metropolitan Hotel!  We also gave away some tickets to Dee Snyder’s Rock & Roll Xmas Tale.

 Both National President Carmel Smyth & CBC Branch President Marc Philippe Laurin spoke to the crowd.  And a special thanks was given to long-time CMG activist Steve Athey – who chaired the CBC Toronto Local Grievance committee for the past couple of decades – and is soon to retire.  Raphi Vigod was the MC for the night – bringing a touch of CBC Radio to the Baton Rouge ‘airwaves’!

 Thanks to all who came out and made it a special night! 

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We also celebrated our members who work in the wee hours of the morning, or overnights, by hosting a Holiday Breakfast on December 14, 2015 – in the CBC Newsroom:

IMG_20151214_074126 IMG_20151214_074245 IMG_20151214_074305