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Thank you Tony Germin, for twenty years of union volunteering
•  Posted on  January 8, 2019  

Tony grew up in a working class home.

His father was a man who knew the value of a hard days work.

Like Tony he was good with his hands, had a mind for math, and took pride in a job well done.

He also had a soft heart when it came to those less fortunate.

He felt compelled to help others, so becoming a union steward was a natural evolution.

An inclination Tony shared.

And like his dad, for twenty-five years at work Tony became ‘the union guy’.

He would go out of his way to help colleagues in the Toronto broadcast centre.

Even if it meant standing up to a manager.

He’d joke, ‘that only made it more attractive.’

Tony was unique in his ability to completely take on a colleagues’ complaint, and fight for it, relentlessly. Sometimes for years.

A bulldog defending the underdogs.

He leaves a legacy of generosity, of having saved people’s jobs, and improved working conditions in dozens of ways, large and small.

At times he fought managers and union leaders, when he felt a principle was at stake.

The union workload could be crushing. Especially while he was the local president.

Those close to Tony knew the effort affected his family and his health.

But taking it easy isn’t in his nature, he even relaxes in full throttle.

His favourite pastime -sailing, still fighting- but now against the wind and the elements.

A passion he shares with his wife Gail.

Now that he’s retiring, and the union won’t be taking up all his energy, Gail has a list of projects waiting for his attention. He will be hard to replace.

Carmel Smyth,