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The TAKE YOUR BREAK Campaign launches in May
•  Posted on  May 10, 2013  

by Jordanna Lake
Naomi Robinson and Glen Guerin load oranges in Media Guild bags

ON MAY 8TH the Canadian Media Guild launched a National campaign called “Take Your Break” geared towards reminding all members that you are entitled by law to two 15 minute breaks in your workday (not including your lunch) – no excuses.

In the Toronto office – LEC members distributed roughly 800 oranges to working members in the building, along with a handout instructing them to ”Peel Away from their Desk” and take a break!

The campaign was an instant success with most staff members enjoying the idea of having a healthy orange in their day and the sweet smell of oranges soon scented the newsroom along with many other departments.

 Naomi hands Jamie an orange during  the “Peel Away from Your desk Campaign"  A smiling CMG member takes a break with his orange.

Sadly, the most consistent reaction to the event was “Break? What’s that?” a telling damnation of a workplace that continues to support a mentality that to leave your desk is a sin in “News.”

Many people asked that we give the oranges and flyers to their “Bosses” or ”Managers” – again telling us that this attitude is being encouraged in the upper ranks and funneled down to the employees. Yet Management at the CBC Broadcast Centre acknowledge that sickness, stress and missed work days is an increasing problem – one that is costing the corporation money!

It’s a simple solution. CBC Senior Executives need to ask their Managers to walk around the floor encouraging their staff to take their breaks. If the workload is too great to accommodate a break – then that is a matter that should be addressed by Management and if it is not, then staff should come and see their representatives on the local executive.

Those who missed out on “Take Your Break Day” have a second opportunity on May 29th at the LEC AGM which is being held in the Conference Centre on the ground floor in room 1A210. Drop by and grab an orange and we are there to answer any of your questions!

Guild members enjoy an orange at the CBC Broadcast Centre