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Rules to live by (if you want to stand up and be counted)
By  CMG  •  Posted on  April 1, 2006

I fondly remember the first Guild convention I attended. It was in Ottawa, just after the big merger. Having worked in several bureaus from Regina to St.John’s, I was amazed at the number of friends I bumped into. The weekend was shaping into a shot-sharing, memory-hashing sleep over. My low carb diet was definitely out the window.
However I digress.

What rendered me speechless, literally, was my total ignorance of the rules of the convention. There I was, surrounded by people lining up to “call the question,” or standing to make a “point of order,” or amending the amendments as we ploughed through the agenda.

Was I the only one lost? I didn’t dare open my mouth lest I amend the amendment once too often, or

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