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Heritage Committee concerned about closure of CBC design department
By  CMG  •  Posted on  June 2, 2006

The federal Heritage Committee is asking Heritage Minister Bev Oda to tell CBC management about the committee’s concern over structural changes, such as the planned closure of the TV design department, taking place before the upcoming review of the broadcaster’s mandate. The committee debated the issue yesterday in Ottawa.

Guild national president Lise Lareau attended the committee hearing. “Members of all four parties understand the significance of the design department to the CBC operation and they are weighing in,” she said after the debate. “We hope CBC management gets the message.”

Earlier this week, Toronto MPs Peggy Nash and Olivia Chow raised the planned closure of the CBC’s TV design department in the House of Commons, asking that the decision be reversed.

For more information on the Guild campaign to preserve the CBC TV design facility, go to .


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