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Attend the cutting-edge Online News Association conference at no cost to you
By  CMG  •  Posted on  July 26, 2007

As you may have already read, your branch executive recently approved funding to send a few Guild members to the Online News Association conference in Toronto, which runs Oct. 17-19. (Details can be found at

With increasing media emphasis and importance placed on the online world, your executive felt it would be valuable to have representatives at the conference. The aim is to further our understanding of emerging developments in this important area while providing feedback, as required, about the realities of performing online work in a complex, multifaceted and fast-paced environment.

CMG will cover all conference registration fees, necessary travel and accommodation costs, as well as other directly-related expenses as per Guild policy. The company has generously offered to cover wage replacement costs for missed work days.

While preference will be given to candidates from the online/video department, we welcome applications from any member interested in attending.

If you would like to be considered for funding, you should:

* Submit an e-mail to branch president Colin Perkel at before Aug. 15 explaining briefly your interest and why you should be selected
* Be prepared to participate actively in the entire conference as a Guild member
* Be prepared to report out from the conference, either at an in-person branch executive meeting or via brief written report

The branch executive will choose from among the submissions, with the final number funded dependent on the costs involved.

Colin Perkel
President ? The Canadian Press Branch
Canadian Media Guild


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