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You’re not required to be on call during holidays or days off
By  CMG  •  Posted on  November 28, 2007

With the holiday season approaching, you need to know your rights in case you are approached to be “on call.”

There is no provision in the collective agreement for being on call, unless you’re in one of only a handful of positions in IT.

If you are scheduled over the holidays for work of any kind ? on standby, at home or in the workplace ? you should be paid your regular salary plus any overtime or stat holiday pay that applies. This includes being asked to be available for work for specific hours.

The Corporation may canvass employees to see who is not going out of town and might be willing to take a call if something comes up. But you are under no obligation to give your name, nor are you required to take a phone call or come in to work if you should receive a call.

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