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Guild’s action plan for employment equity at CBC endorsed
By  CMG  •  Posted on  December 18, 2008

The CBC’s joint employment equity committee approved proposals from the CMG for the Corporation’s new employment equity plan at a meeting on December 2.

The proposals include:
– approaching employment equity from the perspective of universality, to ensure that CBC is a place where people representing all groups in Canadian society are able to work with dignity and respect, with real opportunities for a full-time permanent job
– the establishment of a fund to pay for accommodations for employees (eg. physical accessibility, and measures to adapt skills learned outside Canada to the CBC) so that such measures don’t have to come out of the individual program or department budget and therefore to remove that disincentive to hiring
– mentoring and support for new and existing employees to help define a career path and opportunities for promotion
– outreach to the community to make equity-seeking groups aware of CBC as a potential employer.

Click here to view the full CMG action plan.

For more information, get in touch with the CMG’s director of equity and human rights, Michael D’Souza, at .


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