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Action needed from you on Shaw Television pension changes
By  CMG  •  Posted on  September 20, 2011

Shaw has informed CMG members that you need to act by the end of the month on pension changes we negotiated in our new collective agreement. Don’t forget that the company needs to hear from you by September 30 on whether you would like to continue, or begin, to make voluntary contributions to your pension savings.

In August, Shaw began contributing 5% of base salary to the pensions of all employees with at least one year of service. You can choose to contribute up to 5% in addition.

– If you already make voluntary contributions to your pension and would like to continue doing so, YOU NEED TO LET SHAW KNOW.
– If you haven’t been making voluntary contributions to your pension and would like to begin, YOU ALSO HAVE TO LET SHAW KNOW.

Retirement savings are a very important part of life planning and we urge you to take the time to consider your options to ensure you have the best possible savings for the future. You will have an opportunity in December and in July 2012 to change what you contribute.

If you have specific questions about what Shaw Television needs from you by September 30, please speak to Human Resources. If you have any other questions or concerns, please speak to a member of the executive or get in touch with CMG staff rep Terri Monture ( at 416-591-5333, ext. 245.


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