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Do you have ideas for the Guild’s 2012 convention?
By  CMG  •  Posted on  December 8, 2011

The Guild’s next convention will take place June 8-10, 2012, in Toronto. Guild members from across the country will come together to discuss major issues affecting our industry and our workplaces and to make decisions for the future of the union. Maybe you’ve been to a convention before, perhaps you’re a skilled event planner. Either way, we’d love your ideas on what we should do and who we should hear from at the 2012 convention.

Please send your ideas on speakers, events, topics you think we need to cover to by January 9.

If you’re interested in being a delegate to the convention, please speak with your Guild local or branch president.

For more information, contact the Guild ( at 416-591-5333 or 1-800-465-4149.


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