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Toronto conference to look at freelancing, internships and improving working conditions
By  CMG  •  Posted on  October 9, 2012

On October 19, the Centre for Labour Management Relations at Ryerson University is taking a look at the growing problem of precarious work in Canada’s cultural sector at a conference titled Will Work For Exposure: Cultural Work in Precarious Times. CMG is a sponsor of the event.

Canada’s cultural sector is booming, yet employment in the related industries is increasingly precarious. From free work to unpaid internships, low wages and legislative loopholes, cultural workers are at the mercy of industries that too often take advantage of their dreams and aspirations.

The free one-day conference will bring together people who work, or are looking for work, in the cultural industries (freelance journalists, writers, actors, artists, etc.) with researchers, lawyers, community organizers and unions to share information and strategies for navigating precarious employment and improving working conditions.

Keynote to be delivered by:
Andrew Ross, Professor of Social and Cultural Analysis, New York University


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