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CMG celebrates Black History Month 2013 – 3/4
By  CMG  •  Posted on  February 13, 2013

To honour Black History Month, we asked Guild members to tell us what advice they would give someone coming into the industry, and what being a role model means to them. Meet them, and read what they had to say below.

We recognize Canada’s media industry does not yet reflect the actual population of the country.  We are proud of our members who are paving the way: We’ve got your back!

Adrian Harewood CBC News Ottawa host

Adrian Harewood
CBC News Ottawa host




Be curious. Read as widely as possible.   Learn some languages.
Expose yourself to as many stories as you can be they tv/radio documentaries, films, ballads, or newspaper/magazine articles.

Ground yourself in history/politics.

Don’t get complacent. Never be satisfied with what you think you know. Get to know your community. Get involved in community media (community radio). Try to become as versatile as you can as a media practitioner. Be open to change. Travel as much you can afford.



Tamika Forrester Associate Producer, CBC News Network

Tamika Forrester
Associate Producer, CBC News Network

Wanting to know is good…wanting to know NOW even better.The newsroom thrives on urgency and millions of Canadians depend on us to get the news to them first! Well at least as soon as possible. The trick is knowing when to push and when to be a little patient. When the digging gets tough, get CREATIVE.


Debora Barkun Transaction Officer Shared Services, CBC/SRC

Debora Barkun
Transaction Officer
Shared Services, CBC/SRC


You can learn a lot about yourself and your community in all kinds of places, so don’t hesitate to go into uncharted waters.

My proudest moment was a discovery and love of Shakespeare that came soon after my mother passed away. I had never envisioned writing or directing anything even though I came from an artistic background.

I decided I would direct and produce Hamlet for a predominantly Black cast.  My goal was to introduce Shakespeare to a younger generation and relate to a community that was rarely represented unless you’re a Moor.  The result was a true revelation for the cast, the audience and for me.


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