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Guild and CBC resolve grievances and work through new issues
By  CMG  •  Posted on  March 10, 2013

Since November, the Guild and CBC worked through three grievances, including one  involving freelance fine edit fees. The CBC has now agreed to have all freelancers sign contracts. CMG reminds freelancers to raise violations of our agreement as soon as any occurs. The other two grievances were related to discipline and assignment.

The committee is now  discussing three new grievances and two outstanding grievances. The new grievances cover Family status accommodation, Termination of a contract employee and Reorganization of Administration work resulting in loss of full time employment. Regarding the family status accommodation, both sides are paying attention to the recent award for lack of accommodation at the port authority which may set a precendent on accomodations.  Discussions will continue and further investigation by both parties is needed to resolve the grievances.

The two outstanding grievances are still under discussion as we look for an acceptable solution for all parties.

The Grievance Committee


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