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Guild and Thomson Reuters work through non-monetary issues at the negotiating table
By  CMG  •  Posted on  April 4, 2013

The Guild and Thomson Reuters were at the negotiating table on March 28 to renew our collective agreement.

We had a lot of interesting discussions and exchanged useful information.  We discussed new language around discrimination and harassment, and spoke at length about a remedial process for employees who are having difficulty with meeting the standards expected of them. We also discussed seniority provisions in the agreement.

There seems to be a high degree of consensus on these matters, and discussions are amicable. Our next meeting is scheduled for May 7, and negotiations will focus on monetary items.

We will keep you updated, but please speak to a member of the bargaining committee if you have any questions:

Julie Gordon (
Mark Pask
Cameron French
Glenn Gray, CMG Staff Rep (


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