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The Saint John 7 at MBS Radio – The fight continues
By  CMG  •  Posted on  May 30, 2013

Seven radio employees of MBS Radio are seeking a fair deal.  They’ve been on strike for a year because they rejected an offer that would have meant $12.98 an hour at most — just slightly more than minimum wage.  If that last offer was accepted, these skilled radio employees would be making an average of just under $24K a year.   The provincial average for radio employees in New Brunswick is $40K a year.   This is a fight for respect — and the hope of a middle class wage.  It is also a fight for real jobs in the very transient commercial radio sector of the media industry.

The “Saint John 7”, as they’ve been dubbed, have started an alternative radio station: Radio Free Saint John ( and read more at the Guild’s site (


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