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CMG elections: Guidelines for candidates
By  CMG  •  Posted on  October 2, 2013

These guidelines were adopted by the elections committee on March 21, 2012 to ensure common ground rules for CMG elections.

In the conduct of their campaigns, candidates:

-may not use their Employer e-mail accounts to send campaign material or messages

-may not use the CMG logo in any campaign materials or copy the Guild’s graphic design in a manner that could lead anyone to think it is an official Guild document or website

-may not use any information (e.g., member e-mail lists) that they may have had access to in the course of other CMG work. This also applies to social media accounts that belong to CMG.

-must follow both the Guild code of conduct & collective agreement language regarding respect in the workplace, where applicable

-shall conduct their campaigning activities in the workplace in compliance with their collective agreements (e.g., union access to premises provisions)

-are responsible for the actions of anyone they recruit to help them with postering, campaigning etc.

-may not campaign at official Guild meetings, on memos, communiqués or messages. This also applies to social media accounts that belong to CMG.

Click here to read the broader elections policy adopted by the National Executive Committe in 2007.



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