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The Guild and the CBC continue bargaining toward a new collective agreement
By  CMG  •  Posted on  November 13, 2013

Your union met with CBC management in Port Credit, Ontario, last week to continue bargaining.

The two sides talked about job classifications. We discussed temporary upgrades as a career development tool. We also discussed training and development, as well as the transparency of the hiring process.

As usual, monetary issues will be discussed later. CMG and the CBC continue to negotiate in the interests of both parties.

The negotiating committees will next meet the week of November 18. While we will keep you apprised of developments, bargaining is an ongoing process. Nothing will be finalized until everything is negotiated.

Your CMG bargaining committee,

Michael D’Souza
Wil Fundal
Allan Gofenko
Elaine Janes
Marc-Philippe Laurin
Marianne Malo Chenard
Harry Mesh
Dan Oldfield, Senior Staff Representative
Glenn Gray, Staff Representative and Lead Negotiator


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