CMG condemns scorched-earth plan for CBC
By  CMG  •  Posted on  June 26, 2014

Toronto, Thursday, June 26, 2014 – The Canadian Media Guild (CMG) is available to comment on new cuts to CBC announced today.

Thursday, June 26

-Marc-Philippe Laurin, CMG President at CBC
-Carmel Smyth, CMG National President


“We are shocked and outraged that 25% of the staff, and half the real estate are being cut over the next 5 years. These are irreversible cuts that will permanently change Public Broadcasting in Canada. It’s equally disturbing that the management is trying to make it sound positive.”

Marc-Philippe Laurin
President, CMG Branch at CBC

“It’s terrible that a Harper-appointed board is ramming through a massive cut in a year before a federal election. The bottom line is CBC needs better funding.  We are calling on the president and the board to take up that fight. Otherwise Canadians should rightly hold them responsible for the destruction of CBC.”

Carmel Smyth
National President, CMG


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