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CMG members at CBC allowed to take part in outside activities
By  CMG  •  Posted on  September 9, 2014

In recent weeks a number of memos and directives have been distributed by various CBC management and supervisors attempting to limit member activities outside the workplace. Unfortunately many of these directives are not supported by the terms of the Collective Agreement between the CBC and the Guild.

To be absolutely clear – CMG members working for the CBC are permitted to take part in activities outside the workplace. Article 12 of the agreement says in part: “Employees shall be free to engage in activities, such as voluntary and/or paid work outside their hours of work….”

There are some restrictions. Employees may not work with the competition. Employees may not, without permission, exploit their connection with the CBC; and employees cannot take part in activities that will adversely affect their work. Finally recognized on- air personnel must discuss any outside activities before engaging in them. Note : there is no requirement to seek permission in the collective agreement.
If you have any questions regarding your right to take part in activities outside the workplace we recommend you call the National Guild office for advice.

We will continue to discuss this matter with CBC senior management.

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